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UWM needs new chancellor like Lovell


The premature departure of Mike Lovell as chancellor of UW-Milwaukee to president of Marquette University will only be a positive for the Milwaukee region if the UW regents appoint a successor who shares his vision and that of two chancellors before him, that of UWM as a major player in the innovation economy. No longer can ...

Entrepreneurs can reverse brain drain


Can the brain drain of more than 10,000 college graduates per year from Wisconsin be reversed? Some big hitters from Southeastern Wisconsin think it is already happening. Gary Grunau, who was awarded the George Dalton Inspirational Entrepreneur Award at a shindig for opening of new offices for BizStarts Milwaukee in Grunau’s Schlitz Park development, said, “Young ...

Governor could fix jobs reporting mish-mash

Said it before, gonna say it again: there is no reason why the jobs numbers in Wisconsin or other states are so unreliable and so dated.` Wisconsin just got the job creation numbers for the third quarter of 2013 ended Sept. 30. The report showed sluggish job growth relative to other states. That’s major news, ...

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Heading into 2014, American businesses face an important decision about health care: Opt in or opt out? When Obamacare takes effect, companies with more than 50 employees will either offer health care benefits or face penalties. And the choice isn’t as straighforward as it may sound.