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Ziegler win and broader Wisconsin agenda

It’s a little difficult to divine the way forward for Wisconsin, despite complete political control in the hands of the Republican Party. In Gov. Walker’s first term, there was a clarion call, whether you agree or disagree, to make the state more open for business. Again, agree or disagree, much of that has been accomplished ...

Best bet for Milwaukee: grow UWM

As Gov. Walker, the legislature and the University of Wisconsin Regents address the 2017-2019 budget for the state, they need to be mindful that the Milwaukee was one of three metropolitan areas out of 51 with a population over one million people that lost jobs in 2016. The four-county area lost about 2000 jobs. The ...

Medicaid bloc grants could be winner for Wisconsin

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House

Under the heading of “Be careful of what you wish for,” Gov. Scott Walker needs to very careful about the Republican Party’s intention to shift Medicaid management to the states in the form of bloc grants. He has put bloc grants on his 2017 wish list from President-elect Trump. The state’s 40% share of the $8 ...

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