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Mushrooming medical homes change the game


Washington County and Wisconsin are right in the middle of a seismic shift in the delivery of health care in America – from primary care as a loss leader for the big hospital corporations to medical homes for employes right at the work site. The latest company to install an on-site clinic is West Bend Mutual ...

Passions remain high on Penokee mine

Tom Fitz, Northland College

CABLE -- It would be a mistake to under-estimate the passion that opponents bring to the conflict surrounding an open-pit iron mine in the Penokee Range of northwestern Wisconsin. I walked into a “community conversation” on the mine last week at the Cable Community Centre, about 20 miles from the proposed Mellen mine site, and was ...

Reverse the Wisconsin brain drain

Ray Cross, UW System President

The University of Wisconsin System is in some stage of denial about the magnitude of the brain drain of college graduates from the state. System is pushing for more dollars for a talent creation initiative in the 2015-2017 state budget, a laudable goal. Arguably, though, plugging the drain should be an even higher priority. In a recent ...

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When exploding health care costs threatened Serigraph's solvency, CEO John Torinus Jr. searched the country for solutions. Using his findings, Torinus applied innovative, cutting-edge strategies and cut his company's health care expenses well below the national average while improving his employees' care.