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Brain drain, UW fiscal strain interconnect

The state’s brain drain and the fiscal crunch at UW System are inter-connected. But the financial clamp on the University of Wisconsin System could be an opportunity for positive change –- if the state’s political and educational leaders keep the big picture in mind. So far, they haven’t. Here’s the reality on the two biggest economic ...

Will Gov. Walker lead on big issues back home?

Governor Scott Walker

Let’s take Gov. Walker at his word that he is not going to be lured away from finishing out the remaining three years of his second term. He is right on that there is “plenty of work to do” in Wisconsin. Not many people in Wisconsin would have put civil service reform at the top of ...

What the GOP ‘debates’ didn’t address

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker during the Republican presidential debate

The GOP presidential bar room brawl, masquerading as a legitimate debate, egged on by gotcha journalists, left more unsaid than said on major issues facing the country. The three-hour “debate” lent itself to scripted sound bites, pre-cooked repartee, over-talking of opponents and narrator and blurts for a grab at air time. Despite all that, the entertainment value ...

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