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Do Wisconsin campaigns mean anything any more?

Scott Walker Primary Victory

The bombshells dropped in Gov. Walker’s 2015-2017 budget give rise to the sobering thought that the recent gubernatorial campaign was akin to Kabuki Theater. What does a campaign mean when almost none of the major policy departures contained in the budget were proposed or debated during the year-long exchange of policy ideas by Democrat Mary Burke ...

Walker shifts more health costs to business

Gov Scott Walker

The proposal by the Walker Administration to shift public employees to the health plans of employers in the private sector is petty lame. Gov. Walker has proposed a $2000-per year incentive to state employees to induce them to opt out of the state’s expensive healthy insurance program. So, where does he think they are going to go? ...

Can a presidential candidate be anti-conservation?

Governor Scott Walker

Here we go again with the Wisconsin Republican Party and its war on conservation. With polls on conservation matters almost always showing three-quarters of the population in favor of conservation of water and sensitive lands, even when noted that taxes are required for programs, why would a party push an anti-conservation agenda? When the traditions of the ...

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