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Trump Puts GOP on Green and Gold Track

About the time you think that our beleaguered country is so partisan that nothing positive can come out of our capital, along comes a major piece of environmental legislation that shows what is possible if our politicians will holster their six-shooters. The Great American Outdoor Act (GAOA) that gives enduring funding to conservation passed on bipartisan ...

Green Bay Packers Foundation

As the 2020 season starts for the Green Bay Packers in an era of general chaos, it’s appropriate to step back and look at the big picture for the franchise. If you love how the Green Bay Packers have evolved over the last century, you have to appreciate how the non-profit organization is poised financially, strategically ...

Losers & Suckers

How is a retired Marine supposed to react when a credible journalist reports that the Commander in Chief of the United States referred to a cemetery of fallen Marines as “losers?” The comment was part of President Trump’s rationale for dodging a memorial event on November 10, 2018 at Aisne-Marne 30 miles outside Paris. It was ...

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