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Purdue ‘moves’ — a Wisconsin strategic model?

In his “Annual Open Letter to the People of Purdue,” President Mitch Daniels paints a very challenging marketplace for Midwestern colleges and universities and the resulting need for strategic innovation. It’s a remarkable piece of communication, the kind of high-level positioning largely missing in Wisconsin. Consider these trends laid out by Daniels:   The long-term trend in declining ...

“Vice’ doesn’t square with Cheney, Rummy I knew

    Having worked side by side with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld way back in 1968-69, I was anxious to see how Hollywood would depict them in the just released movie “Vice.” Not surprisingly, given the groupthink politics of Hollywood, both came off in a very negative light.   The opening scenes show Cheney being arrested on a ...

Wisconsin trio could lead on pragmatic political solutions

With political gridlock emerging as the order of the day for 2019 at the state and national levels, and the resulting prospect that not much gets done on either level in solving major issues, is there any hope for Americans to see progress in the New Year? It’s hard to be optimistic. An increasingly isolated and ...

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