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Trump drew 3700 in West Bend; 94 ‘No’ reasons

Donald Trump

Before I get into more reasons to vote “No” when it comes to Donald Trump, here are a few more insights on his visit to Washington County on August 16. I estimated the crowd at more than 1,000, but that was way low. Credible sources put the audience at 3700, with people in the line replacing ...

Mr. Trump: West Bend ain’t Milwaukee

Trump in West Bend

As I listened to Donald Trump launch into his signature speech in his proscriptions for the inner cities of America at the Washington County Fairgrounds Tuesday night, the question ran through my mind: “Does he know where he is?” He kept saying, “here in Milwaukee” and never once that I recall mentioned West Bend or Washington ...

Reasons to vote NO on Trump Grows to 90

Donald Trump

My list of reasons to vote against Donald Trump – good reasons – had grown to 84 on my web site prior to his winning the GOP presidential nomination in July. Like many Americans, I was confounded and dispirited by that outcome and I stopped counting. But his pending visit to West Bend tonight (he did ...

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