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UW shows tin ear on engineering demand


The recent public disagreement within UW System on decentralized engineering degrees demonstrates one more time why its Madison-centricity is a bad idea. Business leaders in northwestern Wisconsin have stated plainly and simply that they need more engineering graduates to propel prosperity in their parts of the state. They have asked for added degrees in mechanical, electrical ...

IQ corridor: more talk than walk

For decades, political and economic thinkers have been talking up the potential virtues of closer connections between Madison and Milwaukee. The theory is that if Wisconsin looked more like Minnesota, we Badgers might be able to keep pace with the Gophers’ higher level of economic growth and income. The Twin Cities are the hub of business ...

Where’s transparency in UW dollars headed out of state?

UW Health logo

Information gleaned from a recent Illinois financial analysis makes the case for a deep and broad look at how the University of Wisconsin System operates. In a gift of transparency, the state of Illinois issued a review of an aggressive move by the UW Health into the northern Illinois market. Reports in the press referred to ...

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