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Cross-fire over out-sourcing too shallow


Isn’t it strange when a pro-business Republican governor finds it advantageous to bash an entrepreneurial company with 1000 jobs in Wisconsin to put the hurt on his opponent? It is equally strange to hear his Democratic opponent, a former international business executive, push back by saying he gave subsidies to Wisconsin companies that also out-sourced ...

Enough with campaign bickering on job creation


It is a mixed blessing that Wisconsin’s politicians and journalists are making job creation the number one issue in the race for the governorship. Gov. Scott Walker and former Commerce Secretary Mary Burke, his Democratic challenger, have been trading criticisms of the other’s track records on new jobs. It comes off as bickering. They mostly frame ...

Worker’s comp needs to be competitive

Wisconsin employers are increasingly frustrated with excessive medical costs in the state’s Worker’s Compensation (WC) program, so much so that they are organizing to get some relief. There is a good-news-bad-news picture for Worker’s Compensation here. The good news is that the number of claims for injuries on the job has dropped dramatically in the ...

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