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Obituaries give life to community papers

The grim reaper who has swung his scythe at community newspapers may turn out to be their savior. The end-of-life accounts are providing an unexpected source of revenues, which helps to offset the loss of newspaper advertising and… Read more

Trump’s tariffs won’t help Trump country

President Trump ignition of trade wars will do no favors for Wisconsin, a state that helped to carry him to the White House. President Donald Trump He won 10 pivotal electoral votes here in 2016, partly by promising to bring back… Read more

Murphy knows more than sports pundits, by far

Since when did sports reporters and columnists become business consultants? They have been writing like the latter as they cover the reorganization of the Green Bay Packers. Back in my day as a newsman, reporters reported and columnists did some… Read more

Rockwell better off as stand-alone corporation

Corporate consolidations, like the one proposed by Emerson Electric for a takeover of Rockwell Automation, don’t always turn out like they were cracked up to be. There is the short-term allure of a pop in share value, 17% for Rockwell… Read more

Lion of Wall Street jaundiced about going public

Byron Trott

It’s always heartening to interact with a big shot who doesn’t act like one. Such is Byron Trott, who spoke to a full house of Milwaukee business people last week at a fundraiser for “Make a Difference,” which helps students learn… Read more

In Icahn lexicon: ‘shareholder value’ means quick buck

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn When corporate raider Carl Icahn pontificates about “shareholder value,” let’s be clear he isn’t talking about building long-term value by building useful goods and services. He is talking about making a trading profit in the… Read more