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Rockwell better off as stand-alone corporation

Corporate consolidations, like the one proposed by Emerson Electric for a takeover of Rockwell Automation, don’t always turn out like they were cracked up to be. There is the short-term allure of a pop in share value, 17% for Rockwell… Read more

Lion of Wall Street jaundiced about going public

Byron Trott

It’s always heartening to interact with a big shot who doesn’t act like one. Such is Byron Trott, who spoke to a full house of Milwaukee business people last week at a fundraiser for “Make a Difference,” which helps students learn… Read more

In Icahn lexicon: ‘shareholder value’ means quick buck

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn When corporate raider Carl Icahn pontificates about “shareholder value,” let’s be clear he isn’t talking about building long-term value by building useful goods and services. He is talking about making a trading profit in the… Read more