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Long-shot Foxconn deal has to pay off

In the competition for a big Foxconn plant with an alleged 10,000 workers, bear in mind that Wisconsin has generally been a loser in sweepstakes those big deals. Terry Gou, Foxconn CEO- Photo Credit Forbes Name one of any size where we got… Read more

How one Midwestern city saved its downtown

Go to downtown West Bend on a Saturday night or a sunny Sunday afternoon and you will see what a busy place it has become. It’s jumping. The downtown has become really lively, even on weekday nights. So, what’s changed? It must be the… Read more

Best bet for Milwaukee: grow UWM

As Gov. Walker, the legislature and the University of Wisconsin Regents address the 2017-2019 budget for the state, they need to be mindful that the Milwaukee was one of three metropolitan areas out of 51 with a population over one million people… Read more

Wisconsin job engine running at half speed

Governor Walker

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconson Wisconsin will hit Gov. Walker’s first term target of 250,000 added jobs, but it will take two terms to do it. The goal required 62,500 jobs per year, but the state has been growing at roughly 1% or 30,000… Read more

Athletics Center shows power of partnerships

Nick Turkal of Aurora Health

People and organizations working together to make good things happen seldom makes big news, but the power of collaboration has become increasingly evident in the Milwaukee region. The most recent demonstration of the power of partnership was the… Read more

Smart, long-range decisions produce boom in Denver


Denver –The potent mixture of TABOR, term limits, co-location of civic assets, smart urban planning and business leadership has produced a 20-year boom in the downtown here. On a recent weekend there, as the Broncos defeated the Steelers, I… Read more

Buffet, buddies grind jobs sausage at Kraft Heinz


As Wisconsin has witnessed in the last couple of months, big corporations like Kraft Heinz and Tyson Foods with a wide footprint of facilities are forever rationalizing their physical and human resources. That’s just what they do. To gain a… Read more

Will Gov. Walker lead on big issues back home?

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker Let’s take Gov. Walker at his word that he is not going to be lured away from finishing out the remaining three years of his second term. He is right on that there is “plenty of work to do” in Wisconsin. Not many… Read more

WEDC needs to pivot, but survive

WEDC IN WISCONSIN logo - Final 0905

If you take a deep dig into almost any human organization – be it a bank, a business, a non-profit corporation, a newsroom or a government agency – you will find plenty of examples of decisions gone awry. Most go unnoticed outside of the… Read more

Business climate up; major issues ducked

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker In terms of the pressing strategic issues of the state, it’s hard to know what to make of the Walker administration and last two GOP-controlled legislatures. On the big issues — health care costs, university… Read more