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Business climate up; major issues ducked

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker In terms of the pressing strategic issues of the state, it’s hard to know what to make of the Walker administration and last two GOP-controlled legislatures. On the big issues — health care costs, university… Read more

Help Ray Cross reposition UW System

Ray Cross, UW System President

Ray Cross, UW System President Ray Cross’ stated willingness to resign as president of the University of Wisconsin if the GOP-controlled legislature and Gov. Walker don’t relent on the $300 million cut to his budget demonstrates just how… Read more

UW shows tin ear on engineering demand


The recent public disagreement within UW System on decentralized engineering degrees demonstrates one more time why its Madison-centricity is a bad idea. Business leaders in northwestern Wisconsin have stated plainly and simply that they need… Read more

Amidst ‘distractions,’ what happened to job creation?

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker Job creation was the central debate topic in the just-concluded campaign for governor of Wisconsin, so the question has to be asked: how did that issue fade so fast from the radar screen of the state’s political… Read more

Beyond happy talk on economic collaboration

There is a sad but true piece of reality that needs to be injected to the happy talk on the subject of collaboration in Wisconsin for economic development. Even thought the standard rhetoric extols the virtue of collaboration on a statewide… Read more

Walker, Burke cite clusters as roadmap out of economic swamp

Where do Gov. Walker and his Democratic challenger stand on “clusters? It’s not a hot button campaign issue, yet almost all economic strategists have come around to clusters as the best organizing concept for how the economy works. It means… Read more

Reverse the Wisconsin brain drain

Ray Cross, UW System President

Ray Cross, UW System President The University of Wisconsin System is in some stage of denial about the magnitude of the brain drain of college graduates from the state. System is pushing for more dollars for a talent creation initiative in… Read more

For job creation, reorganize UW on regional basis


It is a propitious time to rethink the role of the University of Wisconsin System in the affairs of the state. It has been 40 years since the merger of the state colleges and universities into what we now know as the system – 26 campuses,… Read more

New wings, leaders lifting Milwaukee

Satya Nadella 2012

When people think about the Milwaukee region, first to mind might be a muscular picture of heavy industry, or a great place to live given its location on the Lake Michigan and the inland lakes, rivers and rolling terrain of the Kettle Moraine,… Read more