What happened to Trump’s Art of the Deal?

President Trump may know a thing or two about hotel deals, but he totally flubbed the art of the deal with Republicans in Congress as they tried to replace Obamacare. So did his quarterback in the House, Speaker Paul Ryan. Above all, they… Read more

Trump must think win-win on trade

Warren Buffett “Please, President Trump, don’t throw me in that briar patch.” That’s the reaction of Serigraph and other American suppliers that operate primarily in the United States as they contemplate his proposed construction of a… Read more

GOP replacement plan: missed opportunities

Paul Ryan: Speaker of the United States House of Representatives In their rush to repeal and replace Obamacare, Paul Ryan’s Republicans in the House essentially punted. They had seven years while vehemently opposing the Affordable Care Act… Read more

Milwaukee catching Madison on startups

Move over, Madison, the startup economy is also on the march in Milwaukee. Two new venture funds in the Milwaukee region constitute another chapter along the entrepreneurial trajectory in the region. For the last ten years, there has been a… Read more

Loose UWO transfers, tighter UWS controls

You can look at the mishandling of funds at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh (UWO) as a blot on the accounting controls of the University of Wisconsin System (UWS), or you can applaud the efforts of former UWO Chancellor Rick Wells to… Read more

Ziegler win and broader Wisconsin agenda

It’s a little difficult to divine the way forward for Wisconsin, despite complete political control in the hands of the Republican Party. In Gov. Walker’s first term, there was a clarion call, whether you agree or disagree, to make the… Read more

Making lemonade from Trump’s lemons


Out of the chaotic stew that makes up Donald Trump’s grey matter, there is hope for change from the status quo to better policies for the country. For example, it is a good thing that our next president is concerned about job retention in… Read more

Trump trade war could trigger job losses


It may prove to be a good thing for the nation that what Donald Trump said yesterday has little bearing on what he will say or do tomorrow. He has morphed positions so many times over his career and campaign that people no longer expect him to… Read more

Do for startups what we did for The Bucks


If the state’s taxpayers made the same level of investment in the startup economy that they made in the new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks — $250 million – they could launch 500 high growth startups at $500,000 apiece. At just 20 jobs per… Read more

Health costs fueled rise of Trump, Sanders

Donald Trump

In the eyes of many, the fuel that fed the Trumpian and Sanders bonfires was economic stagnation across a broad swath of the middle class in American. The resentments from not moving ahead, or from their fear that their children will not do… Read more