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Loose UWO transfers, tighter UWS controls

You can look at the mishandling of funds at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh (UWO) as a blot on the accounting controls of the University of Wisconsin System (UWS), or you can applaud the efforts of former UWO Chancellor Rick Wells to… Read more

Despite cuts, UWM continues to reinvent itself

Sheldon Lubar

The sharp Republican budget cuts at UW-Milwaukee notwithstanding, there’s a lot to tout at the campus as it strives to become a first class, powerhouse economic and educational institution. One shining example is the recent announcement that… Read more

UW leaders: match Walker’s boldness with boldness

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker Gov. Scott Walker threw the fat in the fire in terms of public support for the University of Wisconsin System, and now he will sit back and watch from the presidential campaign trail as people who run and support the… Read more

Where’s transparency in UW dollars headed out of state?

UW Health logo

Information gleaned from a recent Illinois financial analysis makes the case for a deep and broad look at how the University of Wisconsin System operates. In a gift of transparency, the state of Illinois issued a review of an aggressive move by… Read more

New governor should plug brain drain

Graduation Cap

You would hardly know it from the campaign for governor, but Wisconsin has more than a brain drain; it has a brain hemorrhage. Ask Wisconsin parents and grandparents who have watched their offspring with college degrees move to other states with… Read more

UWM needs new chancellor like Lovell


The premature departure of Mike Lovell as chancellor of UW-Milwaukee to president of Marquette University will only be a positive for the Milwaukee region if the UW regents appoint a successor who shares his vision and that of two chancellors before… Read more

Leave tech college tax base alone


Following the general wisdom that says, “Leave well enough alone,” let’s not mess with the basic structure that supports the Wisconsin Technical College System (WCTS). Gov. Walker and the Republican legislature have opened the subject by… Read more

Return to ‘Wisconsin Idea’ in New Year


In the aftermath of one of the most polarized periods in Wisconsin history, wouldn’t it be reassuring if the political agenda for Wisconsin in 2014 centered on “The Wisconsin Idea,” a return to deliberative governance? The “Idea” means… Read more

UWM could become E-University


The accelerated pace of startup activity in the M7 region provides a golden opportunity for the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to rebrand itself as an E – University –E for Entrepreneur. Unlike UW Madison, a major player in an academic… Read more

Next UW prez should be seasoned executive

University of Wisconsin System President Kevin Reilly (AP File Photo/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Mike De Sisti) The search for a replacement for Kevin Reilly as UW System president gives the board of regents a chance to take a hard look at where… Read more