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Data Institute: Another major win for M7 partnerships

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s strategy of building major partnerships with the big hitters in the M7 region hit pay dirt again last week with the announcement that UWM, Marquette University and Northwestern Mutual Life will be… Read more

To cure tapeworm, state employees need self-insurance

As far as I can see, there is only one Republican leader in Wisconsin who understands the Medical Industrial Complex that has been driving health costs to an unsustainable level. Most Republicans just don’t get that god-awful costs are at the… Read more

4% flat tax for Wisconsin: a lot to like

Give Rep. Dale Kooyenga and Assembly Republicans credit for thinking big about Wisconsin’s tax base. His Assembly bill that addresses the biggest sore thumbs in the current tax posture of the state has drawn skepticism from… Read more

Ziegler win and broader Wisconsin agenda

It’s a little difficult to divine the way forward for Wisconsin, despite complete political control in the hands of the Republican Party. In Gov. Walker’s first term, there was a clarion call, whether you agree or disagree, to make the… Read more

Trump trade war could trigger job losses


It may prove to be a good thing for the nation that what Donald Trump said yesterday has little bearing on what he will say or do tomorrow. He has morphed positions so many times over his career and campaign that people no longer expect him to… Read more

Good news, no news on worker’s compensation

Gov. Walker’s team happily announced a 3.2% decrease in worker’s compensation rates for Wisconsin employers last week. That’s good for the economy; down is better than up. But they all know it could be a lot better. The small… Read more

Labor shortage changes immigration debate

The tightening labor market in Wisconsin has led some business leaders to ask politicians to rethink state and national policies on immigration. At a time when Republican presidential candidates, including Gov. Scott Walker, are veering to the… Read more

Comp reform could help business, unions, state budget

Golden dollar currency sign on white isolated background. 3d

One of the biggest economic issues in Wisconsin may or may not be addressed in this legislative session. That would be the staggeringly high medical costs under the state’s workers compensation program. It’s about a billion dollar annual… Read more

IQ corridor: more talk than walk

For decades, political and economic thinkers have been talking up the potential virtues of closer connections between Madison and Milwaukee. The theory is that if Wisconsin looked more like Minnesota, we Badgers might be able to keep pace with… Read more

Mandate or not, Walker could lead beyond campaign issues


Whether Gov. Walker‘s 5.7-point win Tuesday is a “mandate” is debatable, but there is no denying that he has won by that kind of margin three times in four years, and that alone is an affirmation by a majority — in big turn-out elections –… Read more