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Trump must think win-win on trade

Warren Buffett “Please, President Trump, don’t throw me in that briar patch.” That’s the reaction of Serigraph and other American suppliers that operate primarily in the United States as they contemplate his proposed construction of a… Read more

Making lemonade from Trump’s lemons


Out of the chaotic stew that makes up Donald Trump’s grey matter, there is hope for change from the status quo to better policies for the country. For example, it is a good thing that our next president is concerned about job retention in… Read more

Simplistic trade debate cuts many ways

Cinton and Trump

Both candidates propound a retreat from TPP ASHLAND – If you live and work in this Lake Superior community of 9,000, where Bretting Manufacturing is the largest employer, the proposed clamp-down on foreign trade by both presidential candidates… Read more

Lessons from Poland: prosperity, intolerance


Kashubia, Poland – A week-long visit to Poland, including this region where my mother’s people came from, made it abundantly clear why the Bambeneks and two million other Poles uprooted their families in the decades before World War I to make… Read more

We’ll take the Ashley jobs trade-off any time

Ron Wanek, Founder, Ashley Furniture

Ron Wanek, Founder, Ashley Furniture More on the gubernatorial out-sourcing brouhaha: The Republican attacks on Mary Burke over the offshoring of jobs aren’t just about Mary Burke. There is no issue if Trek weren’t compelled to produce… Read more

Cross-fire over out-sourcing too shallow


Isn’t it strange when a pro-business Republican governor finds it advantageous to bash an entrepreneurial company with 1000 jobs in Wisconsin to put the hurt on his opponent? It is equally strange to hear his Democratic opponent, a former… Read more

Manufacturing layoffs result in skills shortage

My brother Tom, a former journalist and businessman, may have put his finger on part of the problem with matching skilled workers and jobs. Here’s what he says: Manufacturers keep sending out stories about how they cannot find qualified workers,… Read more

Entrepreneurs must lead global jobs war

Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup, has two major recommendations for keeping America on top of the world for GDP growth and job creation: entrepreneurship and youth internships. Speaking to U.S. governors of both parties recently, he used his 30… Read more

An oracular solution to China trade imbalance

                President Obama was quick to use Warren Buffet’s ideas and credibility when the issue was taxation of billionaires. (Buffet wants to pay more.)                 Our leader, who is not well versed in… Read more

Time for Balanced Trade

I had an opportunity last week to ask Gov. Scott Walker to help out on the U.S.-China trade impasse. Our new governor had been invited to Chicago by Mayor Daley to meet President Hu Jintao, and I thought there might be a slim opportunity to… Read more