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Land trust army leads despite political vacuum

Even as conservation issues go unaddressed in the national and Wisconsin political campaigns this fall, the beat goes on at the ground level through an army of volunteers to land trusts. They never rest in the short term, and they never lose… Read more

50 stunning years under DNR; 50 more?

As the Department of Natural Resources turns 50, it’s appropriate to take note of the remarkable environmental and conservation progress since its birth, while remaining mindful of the need for enlightened governance and balance between the use of… Read more

Conservation challenges fade from public agenda

Journalist Dan Egan, the foremost chronicler of the challenges to the Great Lakes, just reported that two more invasive micro-species have been found in the lakes. The story is on the inside pages of the Milwaukee JournalSentinel. More than 180 had… Read more

How about Green Tier II for Foxconn?

The Wisconsin win of the gigantic Foxconn manufacturing plant for Southeastern Wisconsin creates as opportunity to apply some new thinking about how to regulate the environmental side of its operations. Instead of the adversarial model that most… Read more

Packers’ gold goes to more charities

Are your ready for some Green Bay Packers’ football? I am especially ready this year because The Packers have stepped up the philanthropic nature of the corporation. The Pack is about more than football. When you buy your ticket, it’s… Read more

Trump wrong-footed on Great Lakes action

Bighead Carp | Photo Credit: Kate Gardiner President Trump likes bold executive orders to shake things up. So here are a couple that could endear him to the voters in the Midwestern fly-over states who put him in the Oval Office. He could… Read more

Packer charity agenda better than Super Bowl win


The Green Bay Packers had a solid year on the field in 2014, but enjoyed — a few player indiscretions notwithstanding — a great year off the field. Its annual report reported a 16% increase in revenue to $376 million, a 10.5% increase in net… Read more

Will legislature take heed of conservation majorities?


Governor Warren Knowles Governor Gaylord Nelson There hasn’t been much public talk in GOP ranks about the fates of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund and the Natural Resources Board since the release of Gov. Walker’s proposed budget… Read more

Can a presidential candidate be anti-conservation?

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker Here we go again with the Wisconsin Republican Party and its war on conservation. With polls on conservation matters almost always showing three-quarters of the population in favor of conservation of water and sensitive… Read more

Passions remain high on Penokee mine

Tom Fitz, Northland College

Tom Fitz, Northland College CABLE — It would be a mistake to under-estimate the passion that opponents bring to the conflict surrounding an open-pit iron mine in the Penokee Range of northwestern Wisconsin. I walked into a “community… Read more