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On the Way to Grade A for Milwaukee River

The impressive and encouraging improvements along the 100 miles of the Milwaukee River didn’t just happen. They are the results of a half-century of far-sighted leadership, dedicated efforts of thousands of citizens and intentional, innovative… Read more

The amazing nexus of Digger Crayfish and land trusts


A surprising thing happened this year on the way to trapping salamanders and prairie crayfish in Ozaukee County as part of a county and land trust project to map and inventory existing wildlife species. Gary Casper and his volunteers discovered a… Read more

Small ball vs. long ball on environment


One of the advantages of being an old cocker is that you can bear witness to what’s worked over time and what hasn’t. With three-quarters of a century under my belt in Wisconsin, I have been privileged to witness some incredible environmental… Read more

Stewardship begets salamanders, clean water

spotted salamander

“Doctor Herp” called about 6 p.m. on a cold and rainy night recently and asked if we wanted to check out salamander matings in an ephemeral pond on a choice piece of Kettle Moraine land. I declined and headed for the hot tub, but my wife… Read more

Collaborative EMS could help mining permit


Now that Wisconsin has a new law on the books to allow quicker permitting for a ferrous mine in the Penokee Range, the mining company needs to assess how it approaches the permitting process. Gogebic Taconite (GTAC), owned by the larger mining… Read more

Stepp changes culture to ‘yes’ at state agency

Business people have a hard time believing their ears when Cathy Stepp speaks. Take a look at her regulatory reform message: “We serve the public; the public doesn’t serve us, “ said the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural… Read more

Sandhills, eagles, fishing and fireworks!

Watching two girls fish in downtown West Bend of the Milwaukee River recently, it occurred to me that we have much to celebrate on the environmental front in Wisconsin and the country. Environmentalists will always face new issues to conquer,… Read more

Great Lakes need federal water institute

It was typical Tommy, going for the big idea when most politicians are playing small ball. Former Wisconsin Gov.Tommy Thompson stood on the downtown shore of Lake Michigan last week and called for a new National Institute of Freshwater… Read more

Fix our rivers, fix the Great Lakes

As scientists and policymakers work to devise ways to manage the Great Lakes as a system – a long overdue undertaking – their focus should turn to its inputs, namely its rivers. As far as I can tell after attending several high-level… Read more

Sewage dumps show need for lakes’ metrics

Great Lakes

The numbers for raw sewage dumping from Milwaukee and Chicago shine a light on the need for a dashboard of Great Lake metrics. Chicago dumps twice as much as Milwaukee. The numbers surfaced in a legal settlement between the EPA and the Chicago… Read more