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Black list urged for imported species

Instead of a permissive “white list” of exotic species allowed into the United States, David Thomas believes there should be a “black list.” What this veteran Illinois scientist means is that importers of foreign species should bear the… Read more

Challenges to Great Lakes tackled

William Ginn warned 150 advocates of the Great Lakes about the multiple threats to their health in a “water hungry world.” Gathered under the auspices of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Dearborn, Michigan, the birthplace of mass production,… Read more

Where’s outrage over Great Lakes damage?

Where’s the outrage over the desecration of the Great Lakes? So asks the Schanen family, who publishes the Ozaukee Press out of Port Washington, Wisconsin, a former fishing village on the western shore of Lake Michigan. The Schanen family sees… Read more

Look hard at closing St. Lawrence Seaway

While the formal rejection this week of the concept of expanding the St. Lawrence Seaway is cause for celebration, that decision by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers should not be the end of the discussion about that man-made channel for ocean going… Read more

How do conservatives get anti-conservation?

SUPERIOR-DULUTH — As members of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) from Wisconsin and Minnesota circled the recently acquired Clough Island in the heart of the St. Louis River Freshwater Estuary, they were wondering if such projects would be feasible if… Read more

Goodbye to trichlor

Mike Katz of Molded Dimensions

Mike Katz believes that environmental improvements in his Port Washington, Wis. manufacturing plant invariably pay off in profit improvements. An engineer with a Harvard MBA, Katz got rid of a nasty metal-cleaning chemical at his 70-person… Read more

GOP may lose green Republicans

What would Teddy say? The Republican Party, which has been forced to make tough fiscal decisions in the face of Democratic spending proclivities, is flirting with becoming the anti-conservation party. Even though poll after poll for… Read more

Expedite Asian carp analysis

Asian Carp

Experts say there are more than two dozen potential links between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, and that greatly complicates the long-term solutions for keeping invasive species from crossing over into the two basins. That said, the… Read more

After 3000 Columns, Here Goes My Blog

Can an old media guy make it in the new media world? Don’t know, but I’m going to give it a whirl. The new media is decidedly democratic (small d), so I’ll know pretty soon whether what I have to offer is of value to readers. After more… Read more