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Wisconsin escapes from ‘tax hell’

After two decades of shining a spotlight on Wisconsin as a high tax state, Todd Berry is retiring as president of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WTA). He is leaving on top. Todd Berry, head of Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (Disclosure: I… Read more

Will Trump, GOP makes taxes more fair?

Republicans in the White House and Congress have not tipped their hands on tax reform, other than to say they want corporate and personal income taxes to go south instead of north. Most importantly, they have not expressed themselves on one of the… Read more

For progressive taxes, take Wisconsin, or Minnesota

You want progressive taxes? You want to sock it to the rich? Well then, you should be right at home in progressive Wisconsin. The 3940 fat cats with more than $1 million in income in 2011 (.1% of the total taxpayers) paid 11.5% of the state… Read more

To the pols: think beyond the fiscal cliff

A consistent refrain I hear from the top 1% taxpayers is that they would be willing to pay higher federal income taxes if the added tax revenues were used to reduce the country’s gaping budget deficit and soaring debt level. That generous… Read more

Debt limit, job creation rhetoric off the mark

More pragmatic points on whether some corporate tax increase could be included as part of a package that raises the national debt limit while cutting the gaping deficit: Financial columnist Tom Saler astutely points out in the Sunday Milwaukee… Read more