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Many players made for successful M7 venture exit

Can anyone explain to me why the Wisconsin business media doesn’t get the profound impact of successful exits on the state’s startup economy? I tried peddling a nice story on the successful exit of a Milwaukee advanced manufacturing… Read more

Half billion in early state investing in last two years!

The Summiteers of almost two decades ago who sounded the clarion call for a major strategy to establish Wisconsin as a player in the startup world must be pleased with remarkable progress reported in 2018 Portfolio analysis put out by the Wisconsin… Read more

Corporate giants enter Milwaukee startup game

Building block by building block, many players are creating a dynamic startup ecosystem in the Milwaukee region and Wisconsin as a whole. The latest entrants to this vital endeavor are Northwestern Mutual Life and Aurora Health. NML and… Read more

Could Wisconsin boom like Seattle? One vote for ‘Yes’

Erik Iverson sees Wisconsin poised for the same kind of boom that Seattle experienced in the late 1980s and early 1990s. photo credit: He is the new managing director of the WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation), a position he… Read more

Startup economy accelerates with Lubar Center

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee is putting on a new face. It stamped itself as an “E University” (Entrepreneurship U) with an inaugural ceremony Thursday for the soon-to-be-built Lubar Entrepreneurship Center. The 24,000 square foot… Read more

Milwaukee catching Madison on startups

Move over, Madison, the startup economy is also on the march in Milwaukee. Two new venture funds in the Milwaukee region constitute another chapter along the entrepreneurial trajectory in the region. For the last ten years, there has been a… Read more

Do for startups what we did for The Bucks


If the state’s taxpayers made the same level of investment in the startup economy that they made in the new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks — $250 million – they could launch 500 high growth startups at $500,000 apiece. At just 20 jobs per… Read more

Startup economy accelerates across Wisconsin

Wisconsin and Milwaukee have been making front-page news for their low levels of “business dynamism,” as so determined by experts in the cheap seats. The Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City rates us 50th of the states. From the front… Read more

Lubar, MCW, Abele jump start M7 start-up strategy

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The startup initiative in the M7 region keeps taking big jumps forward as important players big and small stake out different pieces of the action. Nothing could be more important. With major job growth in manufacturing a thing of the past, the… Read more

‘Valley of Death’ must be crossed on bank side

The so-called “Valley of Death” for launching high growth companies is very real in Wisconsin, at least on one side of the financing equations. The first financing for a new venture usually comes from “friends, families and fools.” The… Read more