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Appoint Tommy as interim UW president

One of my friends came up with bold idea for getting the University of Wisconsin System out of its current leadership mess. Appoint former Gov. Tommy Thompson as system president for one year. If ever there were a time when the university needed… Read more

Post crisis, UW 2050 Needs Strategist at Helm

Under the heading of the famous line, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” University of Wisconsin Regents may want to use the current calamity facing the university system to re-think many of the ways it does business. Like our glacier… Read more

Quarantine therapy on Kettle Moraine trails

Kids are scampering up the hills in front of their parents on the rolling trails in the Kettle Moraine State Forest. It’s a happy sight that is happening far more often as people in Southeast Wisconsin realize how lucky they are have a cure… Read more

Wisconsin two-man Dem primary looms large

Going into Super Tuesday, some pundits were speculating that the crowded contest for the Democratic Party presidential nomination would be virtually decided by the time the Wisconsin primary rolled around April 7.  REUTERS/Carlo Allegri The… Read more

Sensenbrenner exit: when principles are trumped

The obvious question: what took Jim Sensenbrenner so long to step down from the Wisconsin Fifth Congressional seat. He announced last week that he would not run for a 22nd term, saying, “It’s time.” He will have been in Congress for 42… Read more

Divisions aside, 4th parades bring out our unified best

Watching the hometown 4th of July parade in West Bend, I got to thinking that what I love most about my favorite holiday, beyond the cookouts and get-togethers with family and friends. It is the implicit declaration that we the sovereign people of… Read more

Avoid gridlock, let Wisconsin voters make big calls

Now that Wisconsin faces at least four years of partisan gridlock, as evidenced by the rocky transition from Republican Scott Walker to Democrat Tony Evers, how can we get big issues revsolved for the state? An answer might be found in a… Read more

H.W. deserved a second term

George H. W. Bush was born a gold-plated patrician, and he lost his re-election in 1992 partly because many voters thought he was out of touch with the people. But he was one of the most regular, down-to-earth guys you could ever meet. I was… Read more

Voters split tickets, demand gridlock, compromise

The big news from the Wisconsin elections Tuesday: Gov. Walker is out; gridlock is in. Badger State voters waited in record numbers in long lines in a light rain to send a mixed message about where they want the state to go in the next four… Read more

President Trump is beyond divisive

Psychiatrists and psychologists and will trying to figure out what made Donald Trump tick for generations to come. Similarly, social scientists will be trying to figure out what drew a large minority of Americans to this galvanizing… Read more