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More items for Walker’s Second Act

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Last week’s blog on a menu of potential initiative for Gov. Scott Walker for his next two years in office drew several responses. The consensus was that he has more serious work to do, that he needs to be about… Read more

Gov. Walker, GOP need second act

Governor Walker

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconson Even though the Wisconsin unemployment rate has dropped to 4.2% and wages have finally started to move upward, there isn’t an economist or economic developer who doesn’t want a stronger base for the… Read more

It’s time for new anti-poverty program

It’s been more than 50 years since LBJ launched the “War on Poverty” and more than 20 since Tommy Thompson launched his “Work Not Welfare” campaign in Wisconsin. Neither worked very well to improve the lives of people in the lower ranks of… Read more

How will Gov. Walker finish his term?

Governor Walker

Gov. Scott Walker has hinted at running for a third term in 2018, but he has not hinted at his agenda for the rest of his second term, much less for a third four years. He shot to the top of the early presidential polls on the strength of his… Read more

Ryan’s way forward: disruptive innovation


I gave Paul Ryan ten reasons not take the Speaker job before he decided to go for it. Obviously, my blog had a big impact on his thinking. I did better when I suggested one morning that Scott Walker declare defeat on his presidential run, and he… Read more

Walker Presidential Campaign RIP

Gov. Scott Walker delivers a stump speech.

Observations on the current state of affairs in Wisconsin: Walker Presidential Campaign RIP – It’s time for Gov. Walker to come home and tend to the affairs in Wisconsin. He said before being elected for his second term that his… Read more

Reorganization of UW colleges just a start


The reorganization of the 13 UW Colleges into four regional groups should be viewed as a first step toward a regional reorganization of the whole University of Wisconsin System. Sadly, the consolidation of the two-year campuses, which now deliver… Read more

Budget making by surprise: a mixed bag

Scott Walker Governor of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin budget sausage, painful to watch being ground, is ready for the grill, and chief sausage maker, Gov. Scott Walker, is off to join the gaggle of Republican presidential wannabees. He will battle other archconservatives to become the… Read more

Geriatric state government and term limits

Justice Shirley Abrahamson

Justice Shirley Abrahamson There is another dimension to the federal lawsuit filed by former Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson to keep her chief’s epaulets for a few more years. It is the broader issue of how long politicians… Read more

Who is running the good ship Wisconsin?


Eric Schutt, Chief of Staff When is a cabinet not a cabinet? The question is pertinent these days in Wisconsin as Gov. Walker does what he does best: non-stop campaigning for an election of one sort or another every two years, this time on a… Read more