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“Vice’ doesn’t square with Cheney, Rummy I knew

    Having worked side by side with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld way back in 1968-69, I was anxious to see how Hollywood would depict them in the just released movie “Vice.” Not surprisingly, given the groupthink politics of… Read more

Walker comes off as bellicose


It would be a big mistake to dismiss the presidential primary debates and campaigns as a circus. One of those 20 candidates for the GOP and Democratic nominations is going to have his or her hand on the red phone. Despite the manic veneer to the… Read more

For a secretary who has seen war up close

Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s candidate for Secretary of Defense, received two Purple Hearts fighting as an enlisted soldier in one of our country’s most ill-advised wars. His experience in Vietnam, where he saw the human and financial costs… Read more

Are we ‘exceptional’ at getting into to wars?

The reality — or myth — of America exceptionalism, depending on your view of American history, will be a foreign policy pivot point in the five-month debate leading to the election of Mitt Romney or Barack Obama in November. Romney and his… Read more

Paul, Huntsman raise bar on going to war

Foreign policy has been given short shrift in the on-going Republican horse race for the presidency, but two candidates have called for a higher bar before going to war. That is a debate this country needs to have, because we haven’t done a… Read more