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Can the nation move way from hyper-partisanship?

JACKSONPORT WI — Over coffee one recent morning at the Square Rigger Café in Door County with some wise old birds, there was a consensus that excessive partisanship in American politics is holding our country back. The rigid ideological… Read more

Campaign needs bigger ideas, like move Van Hise

Where are the big thoughts in the Wisconsin race for governor, like connecting Madison and Milwaukee by filling in the I-94 Corridor, like moving Van Hise Hall, the headquarters for the University of Wisconsin System to the state’s business… Read more

Aug. 14: referendum on Trump; Prelims over: Evers vs. Walker

The fall election in Wisconsin is shaping up as a telling referendum on President Trump. Why is that? It’s one of the take-homes from the debate last week at UWM between the two Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate prior to their primary… Read more

Battle lines clear for fall election, except for Trump impact

The battle lines for the fall elections in Wisconsin started earlier this year, like most wars, as a muddle, but are becoming more defined as the skirmishes for the Democratic Party primary flush out candidate positions or non-positions. Just… Read more

Act 10 not the only issue facing governor wannabees

So far, not many of the Democratic candidates for governor have dropped out of the race, so it’s looking to be a long, hot summer of politics on that side of the Aug. 14 primary ballot. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is taking a pass on a… Read more

Pendulum swinging against state Republicans

Pendulum politics appear to be coming into play in Wisconsin and national politics in 2018, and they may have as much to do with the outcome of the fall elections as the knuckle balls thrown into the mix by President Trump. When one party… Read more

GOP leaves room for run up the middle in 58th

Dennis Degenhardt – 58th Assembly District If I were Dennis Degenhardt and running for the 58th Assembly seat left vacant by the premature death of Bob Gannon, I would not run as just a Democrat, I would run as a Democrat/Independent. Even… Read more

Johnson emerges as small business hero

Sen. Ron Johnson is hardly the proverbial Mr. Smith, the naïve small-town movie character who went to Washington and stumbled into reforming it. Our Wisconsin senator ran a relatively small plastics extrusion business, but married into a major… Read more

Governor candidates will duck big issues

The major issues for the 2018 campaign for governor and Wisconsin legislative seats are fairly predictable, but there is a possibility that some new ground will be plowed. Gov. Scott Walker will run on the state’s low unemployment rate, on… Read more

Trump firing the Republican Party

It should come as no surprise that President Donald Trump is in outright warfare with the leaders of the Republican Party. He never was a real Republican. Way back in 2016 when he was running in the primaries, I wrote as reason to not vote for… Read more