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A homeless voter? Vote gridlock

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan In Paul Ryan, we trust. That’s my answer to the many people I’ve talked with who are homeless in the coming November election. Many Republicans don’t want to vote for Donald Trump, who they see as a… Read more

Trump: 84 negatives, but also few positives

Mike Grebe, GOP Leader

Mike Grebe, GOP Leader Scott McCallum, Former Wisconsin Governor The list of reasons to oppose Trump as his circus parades toward the Oval Office continues to grow as he becomes more known. Familiarity is breeding contempt. It’s now at 84… Read more

Shades of McCarthy in Trump; 80 reasons to vote ‘No’

Senator Joseph McCarthy

Senator Joseph McCarthy Are you getting a whiff of McCarthyism as you witness the degradation of the Trump campaign for the White House? We in Wisconsin are acutely aware of the 1950s rise and fall of our own home-brewed demagogue, Sen. Joe… Read more

Never-Trump reasons now totals 84

Despite his triumphant domination of the Republican Party as he charmed and strong-armed his way to its nomination for president, the list of reasons to vote against Donald Trump, derived from multiple sources, continues to grow. It now totals 84,… Read more

List of reasons to vote ‘No’ on Trump grows to 72

GOP 2016 Trump

My initial guess on the number of solid reasons to vote against Donald Trump for president of the United States was that it would grow to 50 or so. I underestimated. The list, accrued from many sources, has grown to 72. My new guess is that it… Read more

Will GOP remain a party of principles?


The rise of Donald Trump in the GOP and the grind-it-out near-victory of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party demonstrate a failure and a partial success of the two parties. Like her or not, Clinton has paid her dues in her party and the… Read more

Clinton could win over homeless voters


Now that Bernie Sanders is about to become a footnote to history, let the calculated shift of Hillary Clinton back toward the center begin. If she plays it right, Donald Trump will be a footnote as well. Well, maybe not. If she sings a more… Read more

Wisconsin made Trump a loser

Wisconsin adults stepped up last week to end the campaign charade of Donald Trump. It was time to take the juvenile out of the game, and we did. But he’s not dead yet. Wisconsin Republican, independents and crossover Democrats gave 62% of… Read more

GOP candidates must fear Trump win; 72 “NO” reasons


Even though Donald Trump won Indiana and thereby the GOP presidential nomination, and even though he said he could become more presidential on his way to the general elections in November, the list of reasons to oppose his narcissistic quest for the… Read more

An appeal for crossovers to stop Trump

Donald Trump

Wisconsin Republicans and crossover voters have a grand opportunity to derail Donald’s Trump’s mad lurch toward the GOP nomination for president of the United States. As voters go to the polls for Wisconsin’s open primary April 5, there are… Read more