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Charlie Sykes must be smiling at Trump numbers

` Charlie Sykes, who spent more than two decades on WTMJ as a smart-alecky scourge of the left, has emerged on the national scene as one of the most relentless antagonists of President Trump. He is in then middle of a merry band of conservative… Read more

President puts fake label on people’s best friend

In the 20 years I worked in news rooms for small, middle-sized and large newspapers, I always thought of them as the court of last resort for people who couldn’t get their voices heard any other way. If the average Jack or Jill couldn’t get… Read more

Where will get our professional journalism?

It is not going to fly, but Gannett is trying to put a positive spin on its continuing contraction of its news operations in Wisconsin. “There will be enhanced news content across the sate of Wisconsin,” said Pamela Henson, regional president… Read more

President declares ‘war’ on Fourth Estate

On his first day in office, President Trump issued a declaration of war. It was not a declaration of war against a foreign government. It was a declaration of war against a branch of the U.S. government, the unofficial but constitutionally… Read more

Charlie leaves divisive world he helped to create


Charlie Sykes, Former Milwaukee Talk Show Host Citing personal reasons, Charlie Sykes, Wisconsin’s most prominent and entrepreneurial “journalist,” maybe polemicist is the better word, is moving on, presumably to greener pastures… Read more

Five more reasons to vote No on Trump, now 105


I was starting to feel sorry for Donald Trump, so I didn’t want to pile on beyond my recorded 100 solid reasons not to vote for him Nov. 8. One hundred is a lot of reasons, but he has persisted in shooting himself in the foot. He has already… Read more

Local newspaper leadership a relic of the past


When my grandfather, dad, uncle and aunt ran the daily newspapers in Green Bay and Appleton from the 1930s to the 1980s, it was the heyday of print journalism. The papers were fat with news and advertising content. They invested in full staffs of… Read more

Is there a non-profit JournalSentinel down the road?


Former Editor of Milwaukee JournalSentinel The JournalSentinel spin on the exit of its editor Martin Kaiser from the newsroom is that it was a voluntary, individual decision. That is surely part of the story, but like most such stories the… Read more

Journal Sentinel becomes chain newspaper

Timothy Stautberg – New Journal CEO

Timothy Stautberg – New Journal CEO There are plenty of underlying factors in the breakup and merger of Journal Communications that won’t make its news reports. First and foremost, it is great for the community and state that the… Read more

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