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First step by Cross on UWS reorganization

Falling enrollments at the 13 UW Colleges and mission confusion at UW Extension propelled UW President Ray Cross to embark on a reorganization of those two cornerstones of the UW System (UWS). Photo Credit University of Wisconsin He did the… Read more

Cross, regents could take the offensive

Ray Cross, UW System President

Ray Cross, UW System President At a time when the University of Wisconsin System (UWS) is faced with declining enrollments, declining state support, frozen tuition, climbing student debt, a brain drain of its graduates to other states, faculty… Read more

Brain drain, UW fiscal strain interconnect


The state’s brain drain and the fiscal crunch at UW System are inter-connected. But the financial clamp on the University of Wisconsin System could be an opportunity for positive change –- if the state’s political and educational leaders keep… Read more

Let’s not dabble with future of UW, tech colleges


The University of Wisconsin – Washington County is 3.6 miles, or a 5-minue drive, from the large West Bend campus of Moraine Park Technical College. The two campuses have been collaborating as never before, but have very different missions. Other… Read more

Citizens want fresh vision for Wisconsin education

As the University of Wisconsin System grapples with significant cuts in the emerging Republican budget for 2015-2017, including a round of voluntary and involuntary staff reductions at all 26 UW campuses, how should the state’s citizens respond… Read more

Walker on right track with rewrite of Wisconsin Idea


In fairness to Gov. Scott Walker and his staff, who were roasted for daring to tamper with “The Wisconsin Idea,” there is solid precedent and reason to update the mission of the University of Wisconsin System. The governor’s critics, who… Read more

UWM rising fast, but anxious about cuts


UWMRF President Brian Thompson The mood in the JCI conference room was both celebratory and anxious as Juhong Chen and five others were recognized with bronze plaques describing their new patents. He and his fellow innovators were honored… Read more

A UW authority without authority?


The more you look at it, the more the proposal for a UW authority looks like a gift horse for the university. But there’s a bunch of big ‘IFs.” The initial rhetoric from Gov. Walker and the GOP-controlled legislature proposes to give UW… Read more

In face of cuts, flexibilty for UW has to be real

If the governor and legislature are going make deep cuts in the budget of the University of Wisconsin System, and if they are going to give System flexibility in return, they better be serious about giving campus leaders a freer hand. The… Read more