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Evers, GOP leaders need local input on health care

Down at the ground level, here at the Albrecht Free Clinic (AFC) in West Bend, it is blatantly obvious that our political leaders need to do some fresh thinking on the delivery of care for Americans who are uninsured or under-insured.  Dr…. Read more

Medicaid bloc grants could be winner for Wisconsin

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House Under the heading of “Be careful of what you wish for,” Gov. Scott Walker needs to very careful about the Republican Party’s intention to shift Medicaid management to the states in the form of bloc grants…. Read more

GOP riding wrong horse on health care


Let’s face it: the Republican Party is brain dead when it attempts to deal with health care reform. The latest display of just plain dumb thinking on the subject showed up last week when two GOP congressmen, Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas and Sen…. Read more