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Higher wages don’t solve workforce crunch

When you talk to business people here in the Heartland, there is constant refrain: “We can’t find employees, and it’s hurting our business.” My wife and I were at one of our favorite local restaurants in West Bend last week, and the head… Read more

A word to graduates: stay positive, stay optimistic; never retire

It’s easy to get a little down these days in the face of tensions in the world, the tragic events that make headlines way too often and the hyper-partisanship that prevails in American politics. If you want a lift out those doldrums, attend a… Read more

Immigration realties trump political cant

Kevin Nicholson’s recent answer on a talk radio show on how to deal with the 800,000 children of illegal parents in the United States was patently simple: they’re “illegal.” Now that’s real problem solving from a guy who wants to be a… Read more

Single moms, poverty and contraceptives

Rep. Dale Kooyenga, r-Brookfield Wisconsin

Let’s talk about a subject that few in Wisconsin, including the media, want to talk about. That would be the interconnection between the epidemic of births to single mothers, poverty and contraceptives. Rep. Dale Kooyenga, r-Brookfield… Read more

Tech college all over skills gaps

One of the issues for Pete Rettler and the West Bend campus of Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC) is keeping students through the end of their education programs. The market is so hot for the skills offered that the students are picked off… Read more

Where is work ethic of yesteryear?

West Bend historically enjoyed an unemployment rate that was better than the Wisconsin average, mainly because it had a diversified business base that was anchored in manufacturing. That started to change 20 years ago when global competition… Read more