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Appoint Tommy as interim UW president

One of my friends came up with bold idea for getting the University of Wisconsin System out of its current leadership mess. Appoint former Gov. Tommy Thompson as system president for one year. If ever there were a time when the university needed a firm hand on the wheel, this is it. The country and Wisconsin ...

Charlie Sykes must be smiling at Trump numbers

` Charlie Sykes, who spent more than two decades on WTMJ as a smart-alecky scourge of the left, has emerged on the national scene as one of the most relentless antagonists of President Trump. He is in then middle of a merry band of conservative thinkers who detest almost everything about the president. He left his ...

Support for survival management at UWM

If ever there were a time for the big hitters in the Milwaukee area to rally behind UW – Milwaukee and the other UW campuses in Southeastern Wisconsin this is it. ...

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