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Sensenbrenner exit: when principles are trumped

The obvious question: what took Jim Sensenbrenner so long to step down from the Wisconsin Fifth Congressional seat. He announced last week that he would not run for a 22nd term, saying, “It’s time.” He will have been in Congress for 42 years by the time he ends his current term in 2021. He is the third of ...

Wisconsin Labor Day woes and ways forward

Labor Day in Wisconsin prompted the usual, annual “think pieces” – from distinguished sources on the sorry state of economic progress in Wisconsin, and especially Milwaukee, notwithstanding the state’s lowest unemployment rate ever at 3%. Said Joel Rogers of COWS (Center for Wisconsin Strategy), “This Labor Day, we provide another year of data showing long term ...

Wisconsin at center of three-ring political circus

If you enjoy wild and unpredictable politics, you’re going to have a lot of fun as a spectator of a three-ring circus during the build-up to the Wisconsin presidential primary and general elections over the next 14 months. At the entertainment level, it’s going to be way better than reality TV. In the first ring will ...

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