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Disarray in White House not okay

President Trump, who made a TV career out of firing people, is showing that he is very comfortable with firing his people in the White House. Of late, he has terminated at least one a week, like he did on his TV show. There are huge differences, though, in terminating apprentices on a reality TV show ...

Trump’s tariffs won’t help Trump country

President Trump ignition of trade wars will do no favors for Wisconsin, a state that helped to carry him to the White House. He won 10 pivotal electoral votes here in 2016, partly by promising to bring back manufacturing jobs lost to foreign competitors. Sounds good. But, through a Wisconsin lens, there’s one big problem with that ...

New M7 film cluster could be a star

The latest example of the reinvention of the rust belt is the formation of a mini-cluster in film making in Milwaukee. It is a historic irony that the Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance (MWA) will be housed in a previous Pabst building called The Brewery. The former beer cluster now employs about 3,000 people in the M7 Region, ...

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When exploding health care costs threatened Serigraph's solvency, CEO John Torinus Jr. searched the country for solutions. Using his findings, Torinus applied innovative, cutting-edge strategies and cut his company's health care expenses well below the national average while improving his employees' care.