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Trump drags Sen. Johnson into swamp

How would you like to be a Republican congressman and have to defend attempts to engage foreign governments in American presidential politics of 2020? How would like to have to defend soaring federal deficits and record levels of national debt? How would you support an esclating set of trade wars that have so far not made a ...

Higher wages don’t solve workforce crunch

When you talk to business people here in the Heartland, there is constant refrain: “We can’t find employees, and it’s hurting our business.” My wife and I were at one of our favorite local restaurants in West Bend last week, and the head waitress had to apologize for not being able to get to our table. ...

Sensenbrenner exit: when principles are trumped

The obvious question: what took Jim Sensenbrenner so long to step down from the Wisconsin Fifth Congressional seat. He announced last week that he would not run for a 22nd term, saying, “It’s time.” He will have been in Congress for 42 years by the time he ends his current term in 2021. He is the third of ...

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