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First step by Cross on UWS reorganization

Falling enrollments at the 13 UW Colleges and mission confusion at UW Extension propelled UW President Ray Cross to embark on a reorganization of those two cornerstones of the UW System (UWS). He did the reorganization along regional lines. That’s a sound move. At the ground level where the real work is done, the economy of ...

Re: Foxconn: Too Many Gophers at UW — Madison

The time has come for Wisconsin political leaders to address the state’s brain drain, and they can start by renegotiating the student reciprocity agreement with Minnesota. The trip wire for the necessity to deal head-on with the loss of 10,000 college graduates every year is the deal with Foxconn and its promise to build a ...

Governor candidates will duck big issues

The major issues for the 2018 campaign for governor and Wisconsin legislative seats are fairly predictable, but there is a possibility that some new ground will be plowed. Gov. Scott Walker will run on the state’s low unemployment rate, on lowered state and local taxes during his seven years in office and on his coup in ...

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