Reasons to vote NO on Trump Grows to 90

Donald TrumpMy list of reasons to vote against Donald Trump – good reasons – had grown to 84 on my web site prior to his winning the GOP presidential nomination in July. Like many Americans, I was confounded and dispirited by that outcome and I stopped counting.

But his pending visit to West Bend tonight (he did poorly in Washington County in the primaries) got me to rethinking my lapse. There are another 92 days left in the important but disheartening 2016 campaign, so there are plenty of reasons and plenty of time to keep the count going. More information keeps coming out about the GOP nominee, and he keeps making news on his own, for better or for worse.

Here are still more reasons to vote in another direction:

85. Trump is uncoachable. Family members and advisors have tried to get him to stick to a more temperate script. It obviously hasn’t worked. He is constitutionally unable to control his outbursts. The family must be giving up in their efforts to have him come off as “presidential.”

86. His loose lips, whether advertently or inadvertently, could have sparked a thought in a Second Amendment gun nut to use one on Hillary Clinton. His “white out” corrective statement was that he was encouraging Second Amendment advocates to vote, not shoot. Who knows what inarticulate comments would come out if he were in the Oval Office?

87. His biographer, Tony Schwartz, spent 18 months in Trump’s hip pocket and never saw a book on his desk, in his office or in his apartment. He said Trump’s attention span is so short that it left him with “a stunning level of superficial knowledge and plain ignorance.” He said the biography “The Art of the deal,” should have been titled “The Sociopath,” because Trump is totally self-centered.

88. Trump and his children portray him as an exemplary family man. His biographer said he spent very little time with his family and had no close friends. He has been quoted as saying he had little time for child care.

89. Most damning of all from Schwartz was this assessment: “I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes, there is an excellent possibility that it will lead to the end of civilization.” That’s a damning evaluation from a man who knows the Trump DNA.

90. As he sinks in the polls, insiders are reported as saying he is starting to sound like an inevitable loser. As supporters jump a sinking ship, it could become a stampede. His thin skin would not serve him well in the presidential hot seat.

Voters attending the Trump rally tonight at the Washington County Fairgrounds will have a chance to make their own evaluations up close and personal. They need to ask him had questions if they get the chance.

And they need to get beneath the showmanship, because he is a gifted show man. That should be his career, not presidential politics.

Keep your reasons coming to me at Will we get to 100?

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  • Duke

    My assessment of the Cheeto Jesus hasn’t changed since he first started insulting fellow Republicans in the early debates. He is a man who is small and vindictive, insecure in his own skin and needing to belittle those who would dare to say the word “no” to him. He’s even more a spoiled rotten child than the current occupant of the White House – totally unprepared for the job, insecure and defensive in his ignorance.

    With every revelation of felonious behavior on Hillary’s part comes another episode of Chump putting his foot in his big mouth, thereby deflecting the harsh light of public scrutiny from her to his latest effort to beclown himself. These activities are not accidental.

    Pardon me for being conspiratorial, but what better candidate for Hillary to face in November than this gilded toad. She put him up to it so that she was guaranteed the Presidency. The fix has been in for a long time already. Remember, with the Clintons there are no coincidences.

    • JohnTorinus

      Quite a theory. Hope it is a far-fetched as it sounds. But one never knows for sure. Putin likes Trump, too.

  • Steve

    John…you may be struggling to find 100 reasons to vote against The Donald (does that meaning voting FOR Hillary?) but I can come up with 100 reasons to vote against Hillary (for me that means voting FOR The Donald) quite easily.

    • JohnTorinus

      Cannot argue that her negatives are numerous. Sad times.

  • Tim Nixon

    By the time Bill Clinton’s term ended, I could hardly look at him. It was not that he did a bad job as president, I just had no confidence in his integrity. So with that preamble, I must tell you I will be voting for Hillary in November. I will not be voting for a “more attractive” third party candidate who has no chance to win. Such a candidate entering the race at this late date is the only chance Trump has. If we have any sense, we must hold our nose and vote for Hillary.
    Tim Nixon

  • Kenmeister

    With five supreme court justices to be replace in the next eight years there is NO WAY our nation can afford another Clinton administration. Trump garnered more primary votes than any other republican candidate. That says something John. Trump is right. Hillary and Bill are crooked. You are wrong on Trump. Want a “Trump Train” sticker? Have a good one. KL