Trump “NO” vote list grows to 97

Before I get into more reasons to vote “No” when it comes to Donald Trump, here are a few more insights on his visit to Washington County on August 16.

I estimated the crowd at more than 1,000, but that was way low. Credible sources put the audience at 3700, with people in the line replacing those that left because of the heat index and his late arrival. The turn-out in an area of Wisconsin, a rock-ribbed GOP sanctuary, that rejected him in its September primary showed his remarkable showman’s charisma.

It also showed that he is tapping into a huge reservoir of resentment toward establishment politicians, big government, big business, Wall Street and university elites. Those who want to stick it to the man have found their man.

I learned that his speech here on inner city challenges was still being written when his staff arrived ahead of him. That’s surprising, since it was billed as a signature speech to add to his previous major statements on the economy and anti-terrorism. The West Bend speech, scheduled for 7:30 p.m., calling for African American votes was printed off in the fair park offices just before he delivered it at 9:04 p.m. Why he picked a white audience for that speech will never be known or understood.

He has since repeated the theme of the speech that African Americans have been short-changed by the Democrats in charge of big cities and therefore they have nothing to lose by going with him.

Meanwhile, with eight weeks to go to election day, separate sources keep coming up with new reasons to not vote for him. Here are more to add to the 90 previously listed on my web site:

91. Trump, a prolific Tweeter, issued no congratulatory tweets – as in zero — to U.S. Olympians who are hauled in record numbers of medals. Their multi-ethnic march to the podiums didn’t fit his narrative that America is crippled and only he can make it great again. His rival, Hillary Clinton, was effusive about American wins. Several medal winners are children of immigrants, including one wearing a hijab. That didn’t fit his narrative either. In sports, America is still great.

92. He hired a political pit bull as his campaign CEO, one Stephen Bannon, a political operative and former Wall Streeter who has made it his mission to rip up the leadership of the Republican Party. While Trump was making gestures toward healing wounds with the establishment of the GOP, Bannon was backing a challenger to House Speaker Paul Ryan in his home congressional district in Wisconsin. If Trump is sincere about wanting GOP support, why did he make Bannon his third campaign manager right after the West Bend speech? The answer is that he is not sincere on that matter.

93. Trump is doing a major flop, a belly flop, on immigration, his core attack point against Republican challengers in the primaries. Then, he said that all 11 million immigrants, including their American-born children would be forced to leave the country. On Aug. 25, he said, “You can’t take 11 (million) at one time and say, ‘Boom, you’re gone’.” No one knows where he will end up on this issue, probably not even Trump himself. There is a logical GOP position: give work permits, but not citizenship ever to illegal immigrants, if they have behaved well while here. Give citizenship to kids born here. As Rep. Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin said as Trump flipped and flopped this week: “You have to use some common sense.”

94. None of the 45 economists who have advised the past eight presidents, Republican and Democrat, support Trump. Six of the 17 advisors to Republican presidents oppose Trump outright; the rest have declined to comment. Greg Mankiw, who headed the Council of Economic Advisors under George W. Bush, wrote, “I have Republican friends who think things couldn’t be worse than doubling down under Hillary Clinton. But they are wrong: things could be worse. And I fear they would be under Mr. Trump.”

95. Trump has steered some $15 million of his modest campaign war chest to spending at businesses owned by him or his family, such as rentals at his hotels and resorts. He is not funding his own campaign. Quite the contrary: he is using campaign donations to make money for his family. It is not illegal, but it sure is slick.

96. He loves debt. And, as a developer, he loves the subsidization of that debt by the federal government. His tax proposals would lower the tax bill for developers, and other corporations, from the current capital gains tax of 20% to a general corporate tax of 15%. In addition, he has proposed an immediate write-off of capital expenditures, instead of depreciation schedule that runs for part of the life of the building or asset, say, 20 years for a building. Further, several of his advisors reportedly want to keep the deduction for the interest on the loan to buy the building, in effect a double dip of subsidies. Even GOP economists hate the idea. In short, his tax plan would add several layers of lard for developers, like himself. Trump’s business debt has been estimated at $650 million. He is a king of debt. Because he refuses to release his tax records, the impact of those subsidies on his personal finances won’t be known prior to the election.

97. In the face of Trump claims that he had given millions to charities, a Washington Post reporter dug deep into his actual donations since 2008. The reporter could find only one personal donation of between $5,000 and $10,000 from the “billionaire.” This is not a generous man.

Keep your reasons to vote “NO” on Trump coming to me at or on my website at Number 100 is in sight.

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  • David Durham

    Maybe there is only one reason to vote for Trump, and that is to keep a lawless and corrupt Oligarch Clinton out of the Whitehouse. That 1 reason “trumps” all of your 97 – no pun intended:-) I’m no Trump fan, Fiorina/Cruz were my choices, but If she is elected we are finished as a Republic – done. The Rubicon will irreversibly have been crossed.

    • colin scanes

      Please think about what you’re saying. On what basis can you say that election of Hilary Clinton will lead to the USA being finished as a Republic? If Hilary Clinton is “lawless and corrupt”, why has she never been charged let alone been convicted with a criminal offense under both Democratic or Republican administrations? Let’s bring discussion to a civil level and use evidence.

      • David Durham

        Are you serious? Think about what I’m saying? You are talking about someone completely above the law, which means a breakdown of the rule of law. Civil? What is “civil” about her crimes? I don’t owe the Clinton’s one ounce of respect due to their criminal activity – this is not just another election. Anyone who has ever held a security clearance (which I have) knows beyond a shadow of a doubt she broke the law – that was obvious in March of 2015 to anyone who has ever been entrusted with Secret or Confidential materials – again, which I have. If you only get your news from NPR, Huffpo, CNN, or Politico I understand your position, but everyone really should at a minimum read the Washington Post reporters investigation – Clinton Cash. Remember it was the Washington Post that brought Nixon down – and he had been with us for decades before he was brought down. She set that server up to hide the Clinton Foundation activities of selling her influence, selling American jobs, and selling American uranium for donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees for herself and Bill. You don’t believe the Washington Post? Ask any Haitian where all the money they gathered for the earthquake victims went. Ask where Uranium One (owned by the Russians thanks to Hillary) is currently shipping U.S. uranium to – answ: Russia on its way to Iran. Or just ask yourself – why all the lies? Lies piled upon lies – day in and day out, year after year, and now she is worth over 200 million? Did she invent the next iPhone? Did she discover the cure for cancer? Did she found a company that delivers needed services? No to all; she built her net worth by peddling her influence one speech and one donation at a time – bribes to gain favor, which we see unfolding in each new email release. We have been lied to, stolen from, laughed at and taken for granted by the Clintons for far too long. She has not been charged because only she can save Obama’s legacy. I half suspect she is running to avoid going to prison. If she loses to Trump, Obama had best pardon both of them before he leaves office.

        • colin scanes

          I asked the question if Hilary Clinton is lawless or corrupt as you state, why hasn’t she been charged with a crime? People are innocent unless proven guilty. She has not even been charged and Trump supporters chant – “lock her up”. Is this a sign of a Trump administration? Jail anyone who disagrees with you. I certainly hope not!

          I agree it is distasteful for former Presidents or Secretaries of State getting large speaking fees and royalties from books but this is not illegal. What I find it repellent that we have a man running for President who did the following:
          1. “Stiffed” workers and small companies working for him (driving some into bankruptcy),
          2. Established a so-called “Trump University” without bothering to go through the requirements of any university such as hiring a qualified faculty and is alleged to have “ripped off” many people.
          3. Mocked prisoners of war (Senator McCain) and handicapped people.
          4. Either directly, or by omission, supported racists.
          5. Brought political discourse to a new low with his abusive language (demonstrators should be beaten up) and disrespect for Democrats (Crooked Hilary) or Republicans (Lying Ted, Little Marco)
          6. Has not consistent positions except the impractical, I would say inane, “build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it”
          7. Calls his foreign policy – America First. The same name as the pro-Nazi organization prior to WWII.
          8. Likes Putin and other dictators.

          • David Durham

            If someone shoots you in the face they are innocent in the eyes of the law, but they are still guilty of shooting you. She is not innocent of breaking the law, actually she is guilty of treason, the legal system will eventually catch up to that fact. It’s rediculous to say before a trial that you can’t say, “that guy shot me in the face”. Guess what, she broke the law and should be prosecuted. Her “Distasteful” dealings are against the law, and will soon be deemed criminal if the law applies to everyone. If thy are not, I’m done, my obligation to “support and defend” was to a Constitution that will now be defunct.

          • JohnTorinus

            I line up with Colin Scanes entirely. There is a point of principle beyond which I cannot go. Trump has crossed that line in tens of ways.
            He is is an unprincipled man to the point that you have no idea what he will do if elected.
            I respect Maj. Durham (USMCR) completely, but beg to disagree. It’s not about Hllllary, though she is no prize.
            To vote f*or Trump is to sell your soul.

            We can survive Hillary.

            John Torinus (Capt. USMCR)

          • David Durham

            John – You know I’m not crazy, but this isn’t going to go over well with your well-heeled republican subscribers.

            We will not survive Hillary. If she is elected, we will have become an oligarchy whose leadership is above the law, protected by a praetorian guard press, and funded by crony capitalist donors complicit in the growth of an out of control federal government, and legitimized by a post-constitutional court.

            We cannot underestimate the anger and despair of Constitutional Conservatives – like myself – who were pandered to by the progressive wing of the Republican party, then ignored. We cannot underestimate the anger and despair of working class Americans who have been ravaged by unfair trade deals and an unlimited supply of immigrants holding wages down. We cannot underestimate the despair of patriots and combat veterans watching their country weaken year after year of sequester and Obama’s appeasements and retreats. Add to that the anxiety over civil unrest, terrorism, huge social issues shoved down our throats, 2nd amendment threats, etc. etc.

            Trump may, or may not be the answer to those issues, but we know for certain Hillary will only accelerate the policies that are destroying the country.

            Both Republican and Democrat administrations and congresses are guilty of overspending, issuing or allowing overreaching regulations, and in so doing subverting the power of the States and the liberty of the people. Congress has surrendered its power out of pure laziness and/or blatant cowardice. I long for true conservative leaders, which we have not had since 1988, dedicated to liberty, fiscal responsibility, the separation of powers and limited government. I was a Fiorina fan – then Cruz. We unfortunately have Trump, but we cannot under any circumstance have Clinton.

            I’m 100% certain we cannot survive Hillary; I’m at 50/50 with Trump.

            If Hillary is elected I believe you will see more and more states sign on to an Article 5 Convention of States (only 6 more needed to reach the required 34), which may even happen with a Trump victory. Many have called for state nullification of federal law, and a small but growing number have called for secession if this doesn’t correct itself – soon. If we want to keep this experiment in liberty going for another 227 years – Hillary has to be stopped – now. – LtCol Durham USMCR Retired

          • JohnTorinus

            Congrats on the promotion.

            We have a different view of the greater danger.

          • David Durham

            Thanks! It was well past my time to retire and focus on my firm.

            No good choices in November, only a choice between uncertainty and criminality.

  • colin scanes

    You are so right, John.

    Trump is really dangerous to the economy and World. The Economist ranked his election as one of the top 5 threats to the World economy. He does not know or even want to know details about foreign affairs. He is totally self centered with a temperament to attack anyone who criticizes him. His speeches are replete with falsehoods and he offers no evidence for his positions. For instance, he states that global warming is a Chinese invention – where’s the evidence? The consensus among scientists is that global warming is real and caused by humans.