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When leaders don’t lead: Medicaid paralysis

The big debate across the states over the expansion of Medicaid only deals with half of the equation. The first half of the equation is political: who gets added to the entitlement rolls and who doesn’t. Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker, for … Read the rest

ObamaCare could be fixed; probably won’t happen


There is one dimension to the meltdown of ObamaCare that has been missed by political commentators, that of competence. A managerial consultant looking at the launch of the reform of one-sixth of the U.S. economy would declare the three-year launch … Read the rest

A way out of budget impasse

As we watch the unfunny circus over the federal budget in the Capitol, it is hard to fathom either side’s position. President Obama’s resistance to moving toward a balanced budget and a cap on the federal deficit is puzzling, since … Read the rest

Unintended consequences of ObamaCare mount

The unintended consequences of ObamaCare keep piling up and have the distinct possibility of out-weighing the intended consequences. The latest ricochet was the announcements by several major employers, Walgreens, IBM, Time Warner, Sears and Darden Restaurants, that they would send … Read the rest

Will rest of Obamacare be delayed too?

President Obama was about as far away from the announcement to delay the employer mandate under Obamacare from 2014 to 2015 as he could be. He was returning from his trip to African nations on July 2 when the decision … Read the rest

Will Obamacare or private sector reforms carry the day?

A race, invisible to most, is on to solve the nation’s health care crisis. It is a race between reforms of the delivery system in the private sector and the insurance-based reforms under Obamacare. Which will provide better access, affordability … Read the rest

Sticker shock ahead for health premiums

Get ready for sticker shock in 2014 on the premiums for individual and small group health insurance premiums. The estimates for overall increases in health costs in the nation during the bruising congressional battle over ObamaCare were for an increase … Read the rest

Re health care hullabaloo: It’s the costs, stupid!

The political and legal wrangling over Obamacare gained in intensity last week as the U.S. Supreme Court weighed its constitutionality and presidential candidates made it their central issue. There’s great irony in all that high level attention, because the political … Read the rest

Newt, Mitt: There’s a GOP path on health care

Memo to Mitt and Newt: You’re barking up the wrong tree on health care reform. You’re both telling the world how much you oppose ObamaCare, especially the mandate for individuals to buy health care insurance. That’s opposition; you need a … Read the rest

Despite uncertainty, real health care reform advances

Despite the pall of uncertainty that has put the health care industry into a brain lock, real reformers are still at work. The national legislation, which won’t kick in fully for two years, has claimed huge proportions of mind share … Read the rest