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Major disruption seen in U.S. health care

Some of the best minds in Wisconsin on health care economics “summited” last week at Concordia University, armed with ideas for improving the delivery of care, but less than clear or optimistic about the way forward for disrupting a broken … Read the rest

Drug hyperinflation erases health cost savings

Despite the best efforts of all kinds of smart people to put a brake on health cost inflation, the pharmaceutical industry keeps putting its heavy foot on the gas pedal. Take Serigraph Inc, my organization, as an example. The managers … Read the rest

Want Wisconsin road money? Then self-insure

For the Republican legislators looking for $300 million in the 2017-2019 state budget for road building, there’s a ready solution. Gov. Walker, who repeatedly gets elected by holding the line on taxes, steadfastly refuses to raise gasoline taxes, and many … Read the rest

GOP ‘replacers’ talking to wrong people

Tom Price

Republican leaders, who now have to walk the talk on replacing Obamacare, are searching for answers in all the wrong places. They talk to lobbyists for big insurers and big hospital corporations, the behemoths who were there all along as … Read the rest

At last, a silver bullet for health care costs

Bullet flying

Have we finally found a silver bullet for cutting through the fog of health care pricing? One of the best tools to come down the pike in the last few years for driving the U.S. health care industry to better … Read the rest

A GOP blue print (red print?) for U.S. health care

John Toussaint of Theda Care in Appleton Wisconsin

With both houses of Congress and the Oval Office in Republican hands come January, the GOP will have no excuse for not reforming the delivery of health care in America to their liking. Before they start down that road, though, … Read the rest

4th wave of reform: two new knees for $39,000

Larry Hillyer, a quality engineer at Serigraph Inc., walked into my office last week to give me a report on his double knee replacement. It was an incredible report. He selected a small regional hospital for its value: excellent service, … Read the rest

There’s hope for Value Healthcare

As ObamaCare sputters its way to an uncertain future, a new business model called Value Healthcare continues to emerge. Self-insured private payers, entrepreneurs, lean hospital systems and the big dog payer, Medicare, are the main drivers toward a revamped delivery … Read the rest

Hit the beach for a new hip

Dr. Devi Shetty

GRAND CAYMAN—Want to buy a hip or knee replacement for half price or less? Ditto for a heart bypass? Want to recuperate on one of the best beaches in the world? Well, then, welcome to Health City on Grand Cayman … Read the rest

Don Weber on bleeding edge of health care delivery

Don Weber

Employees at Don Weber’s five companies in LaCrosse get three hours off out of every 40-hour week to work on their well-being. He fervently believes that employees who are mentally and physically fit are happier, more productive and less likely … Read the rest