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Walker: long on fiscal results, rankings, short on jobs

As Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sets himself up to win a second term in 2014 and to position himself as a presidential contender in 2016, he needs to make good on his number one objective from his 2010 campaign: job … Read the rest

Where are real jobs numbers?

We are nine weeks past the filing by 96% of Wisconsin employers of their jobs data for unemployment insurance (UI) purposes, so why don't we have those hard census numbers? The second quarter ended June 30, and businesses have 30 … Read the rest

Still faster jobs numbers possible

Give Reggie Newson credit for speeding up the release of hard numbers on Wisconsin job totals. Newson, secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, has just issued the jobs totals from the census of the state's employers as of … Read the rest

Save me from Chicago as a savior

Some big thinkers, looking for big answers for the troubles afflicting the Milwaukee economy, keep looking south to Chicago. They describe the Great Lakes region around Chicago as a mega-metropolitan area, of which the Milwaukee region is a part. The … Read the rest

Court ruling hikes business uncertainty; what gorilla?

ONALASKA WI – I was interacting here with two dozen small business leaders when the news came down Thursday morning that the U.S. Supreme Court had upheld Obamacare. The reaction was uncertainty about what to do in their companies. One … Read the rest

Why are controversial jobs numbers so moldy?

Jim Spaeth, one of Serigraph’s accountants brought our quarterly report for unemployment insurance (UI) to my office Monday, and he showed me he had filed our first quarter report with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) on April 26, … Read the rest

Hovde unique in attack on Wall Street

Eric Hovde, the latest of four entrants into the Wisconsin race for the U.S. Senate, is sounding a note that ought to play well in the Heartland. It is that big government and big Wall Street colluded to pull the … Read the rest

Mining president should reassess back-fired tactics

As a former CEO, I have a somewhat different take on the political melt-down over the ferrous mining bill for Wisconsin. Top executives are paid to get results, and the negative vote in the state senate and decision by Gogeobic … Read the rest

Catch 22 confounds cheers for manufacturing

Manufacturers appreciate that we have a new Chief Cheer Leader for our sector of the economy, but fear President Obama fails to appreciate the underlying dynamics of the wee shift of 100 MasterLock jobs back to the states. The return … Read the rest

Will president shoot straight at Master Lock?

This is meant to be a bullet hole in President Obama’s rhetoric as he prepares to visit Master Lock in Milwaukee. When last campaigning four years ago, candidate Obama said he was going to eliminate tax breaks for companies that … Read the rest