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Catch 22 confounds cheers for manufacturing

Manufacturers appreciate that we have a new Chief Cheer Leader for our sector of the economy, but fear President Obama fails to appreciate the underlying dynamics of the wee shift of 100 MasterLock jobs back to the states. The return … Read the rest

Will president shoot straight at Master Lock?

This is meant to be a bullet hole in President Obama’s rhetoric as he prepares to visit Master Lock in Milwaukee. When last campaigning four years ago, candidate Obama said he was going to eliminate tax breaks for companies that … Read the rest

Will Kestrel fly high or low for taxpayers?

Wisconsin won, Maine lost in the bidding war to land the Kestrel Aircraft Corp. airplane plant and its potential 600 jobs. But did Wisconsin really win? It depends on who’s counting and how they count. The prize, a factory in … Read the rest

Finally, a job creation roadmap: entrepreneurs


Finally, we have a presidential candidate with clue about job creation. In his Florida victory speech, Mitt Romney said several times that entrepreneurs are the way forward for renewed prosperity America. In what could be viewed as a poignant punctuation … Read the rest

Absent collaboration, union slide continues

There is an un-discussed reason why the percentage of U.S. workers represented by unions has dropped to record lows. And it’s not that organizing costs or barriers to unionization are too high. It’s that union leadership is largely stuck in … Read the rest

Mr. President, forget tax break rhetoric

In his Iowa campaign, President Obama took credit for shutting down tax breaks for companies that ship jobs and profits overseas. There’s only one slight problem: there essentially are no such tax breaks. With Serigraph plants in Mexico, India and … Read the rest

Process flaws jeopardize mining bill

As with most issues these days, the proposed iron mine between Mellen and Upson in Northwest Wisconsin has become polarized and partisan. Isn’t there a better way to develop public policy on tough issues? Most Republicans favor the Assembly bill … Read the rest

Slow job growth undercuts both parties

As the political barbs fly both ways over the anemic job creation efforts at the national and state levels, it’s time for a little more straight talk on the subject. First off, let’s agree that job creation is the single … Read the rest

Can we trust Wisconsin jobs numbers?

Experts in Wisconsin are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the quality of the statistical reporting of the state’s employment and unemployment numbers. These metrics are all important as the state tries to recover from the Great Recession, so unsurprisingly there is … Read the rest

Epic shows what clusters, entrepreneurs can do

Judy Faulkner, owner of Epic in Verona, Washington

Epic Systems in Verona is expanding so fast in health care informatics that it’s hard to fathom its growth. From a start-up in 1979, it has grown to 5200 employees and could reach 6000 by the end of 2012. It … Read the rest