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GOP replacement plan: missed opportunities

In their rush to repeal and replace Obamacare, Paul Ryan’s Republicans in the House essentially punted. They had seven years while vehemently opposing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which played out as the unaffordable Care Act, to craft with an … Read the rest

Health costs fueled rise of Trump, Sanders

Donald Trump

In the eyes of many, the fuel that fed the Trumpian and Sanders bonfires was economic stagnation across a broad swath of the middle class in American. The resentments from not moving ahead, or from their fear that their children … Read the rest

Walker targets big health care savings

Governor Scott Walker

The immediate resistance to the one bold initiative in Gov. Walker’s state of the state message is perplexing. He called for self-insurance for health care for state employees, a move everyone should love except for the incumbent health insurers. The … Read the rest

Can one county be model for health?

If leaders in health care had their way, Washington County‘s 132,000 residents would be the healthiest in the nation and in Wisconsin. That’s an ambitious goal, though the county already ranks in the top fifth of Wisconsin’s 72 counties for … Read the rest

Memo to David Brooks: look deeper on health costs


David Brooks, the right-of-center pundit for the New York Times, a balancing attempt on its left-leaning pages, is onto something – health care cost inflation is trending lower – but he hasn’t figured out why. In a recent column, he … Read the rest

Companies hold health inflation to 2%

Thomas J. Doney, President of Cypress Benefit Administrators

Tom Doney, an old hand in the health plan and network discount business, has 421 self-insured employer clients in 50 states that are proving health costs can be held to 2% annual increases. That track record for his Cypress health … Read the rest

Health care mergers demand antitrust oversight

Dr. John Toussaint

Someone has to convince me that bigger is better in health care. The Big Five health insurers are flirting with mergers that could result in the Big Three. And health systems have aligned themselves with former competitors. In Wisconsin, that … Read the rest

A tale of two health plans, one far less costly


Compare and contrast the performance of Steinhafels Furniture and the State of Wisconsin in managing health costs. The Steinhafel family and Lynda Malmberg, senior human resources manager at the retail furniture and mattress chain, have applied serious management disciplines to … Read the rest

Walker shifts more health costs to business

Gov Scott Walker

The proposal by the Walker Administration to shift public employees to the health plans of employers in the private sector is petty lame. Gov. Walker has proposed a $2000-per year incentive to state employees to induce them to opt out … Read the rest

Missing in campaign: debate on health cost management

The campaign for governor has come and is almost gone, and both Gov. Walker and challenger Mary Burke have managed to largely avoid the biggest economic issue in the state: out-of-control health costs. They have debated mightily over how many … Read the rest