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Presidential campaign discourse will be nasty

Get ready for a very ugly presidential campaign, with Wisconsin in the center of the mud wrestling. It will be hard on the soul and the spirit. That came eminently clear over the Memorial Day weekend when President Trump erupted … Read the rest

Sanders DOA in Wisconsin primary; his ideas too

The big Wisconsin showdown between Joe and Bernie in the heart of flyover country that was supposed to take place Tuesday has fizzled like a wet Roman candle. It’s really sad. The primary election here for the Democratic nomination for … Read the rest

Beware of would-leaders with THE ANSWERS

One of the things you learn over a long career in business; beware of the person in company who has all the answers. Promote the thoughtful employee who has insightful questions and engages in a collaborative dialog to get to … Read the rest

A self-made billionaire vs. alleged billionaire

Has anyone changed his or her mind about how to vote in the 2020 presidential election because of the impeachment hearings? Here in Wisconsin, one of the few pivotal states that will determine if President Trump gets re-elected by the … Read the rest

Trump drags Sen. Johnson into swamp

How would you like to be a Republican congressman and have to defend attempts to engage foreign governments in American presidential politics of 2020? How would like to have to defend soaring federal deficits and record levels of national debt? … Read the rest

Wisconsin at center of three-ring political circus

If you enjoy wild and unpredictable politics, you’re going to have a lot of fun as a spectator of a three-ring circus during the build-up to the Wisconsin presidential primary and general elections over the next 14 months. At the … Read the rest

Uncivil debate, like today’s, led to Civil War

NEW HAVEN, CT -- Before you completely despair of the extreme partisanship and lack of grace that is the signature of the Trump era, know that American politics has had rougher times. There were the tempestuous protests of the 1960s … Read the rest

Did Act 10 top court race to Hagedorn?

Conservative Brian Hagedorn was the underdog in his recent Wisconsin high court contest with liberal Lisa Neubauer, given that liberals handily won a Supreme Court last year¹s election by a wide margin. Until April 2, it appeared that the tide … Read the rest

Will Dem wannabees address Milwaukee challenges?

The recent elections of political nobodies to the office of president – Barrack Obama in 2012 and Donald Trump in 2016 – proves that the game of politics is wide open in the web wide world. So why not take … Read the rest

Partisan gridlock in the cards for Wisconsin

Before and right after the election of Tony Evers as governor, there was some happy talk about the possibility of bipartisan advances in state policy. More and more, it looks like that is not going to happen. More and more, … Read the rest