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Trump acquitted, but far from not guilty

The second impeachment trial is in the books, with the former president acquitted of anti-American activities. But, in the court of public opinion, Donald Trump came out as far from innocent and highly guilty of conduct unbecoming the office of … Read the rest

No centrist innovations so far from Biden

Political centrists in the United States are suffering a severe case of disappointment as they watch the two political parties staying in the same old partisan rut that preceded the election of Joe Biden as president. It was just three … Read the rest

Hagedorn: Wisconsin person of the year

If there were a Wisconsin “Person of the Year,” award, it would have to go to Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Brian Hagedorn. He is relatively new on the court, elected to a full 10-year term in 2019. Having served as … Read the rest

Trump leaves chaos behind on way to exile

Back in 2016, I followed reports on Donald Trump assiduously, and I assembled  a running total of 104 reasons to not vote for him in the both primary and general election. I wrote about it incessantly as I added reasons … Read the rest

Vote defect level low by most process standards

Coming from the world of manufacturing where “zero defects” or “Six Sigma” is always the ultimate objective, the recent election results in Wisconsin can only be viewed as remarkably reliable. The two recounts in Milwaukee and Dane County produced only … Read the rest

Trump trashes our democracy on way out door

Way down deep, Donald Trump lost the election last week for two main reasons; he is essentially anti-democratic and he is not a nice man. A majority of the American electorate concluded that he has little respect for our democratic … Read the rest

Biden or Trump, Wisconsin votes for divided government

The aftermath of the Tuesday election continues to paint the Wisconsin bright purple. It continues to be the ultimate swing state. It swung to Donald Trump by a narrow margin in 2016, helping to put him in the Oval Office … Read the rest

Demand Vos and Evers draft joint virus plan

If ever there were a compelling reason for Americans of all stripes and groupings to come together for the good of the country, it’s the battle against the novel coronavirus COVID 19. To be effective, it has to be a … Read the rest

Biggest losers from debate: Trump and USA

All Americans can at least agree on one dimension of President Trump’ recent history: he knows how to command center stage. The headlines of late have been all Trump, all day, every day. His debate awfulness, intentionally or not, blew … Read the rest

Will massive tax avoidance hurt Trump in red counties?

Taxes on family owned corporations are complex, so we need to be careful before accusing the president of tax evasion or fraud. But some telling truths have emerged from the revelations uncovered by the New York Times in Donald Trump’s … Read the rest