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Trump trashes our democracy on way out door

Way down deep, Donald Trump lost the election last week for two main reasons; he is essentially anti-democratic and he is not a nice man. A majority of the American electorate concluded that he has little respect for our democratic … Read the rest

Biden or Trump, Wisconsin votes for divided government

The aftermath of the Tuesday election continues to paint the Wisconsin bright purple. It continues to be the ultimate swing state. It swung to Donald Trump by a narrow margin in 2016, helping to put him in the Oval Office … Read the rest

Demand Vos and Evers draft joint virus plan

If ever there were a compelling reason for Americans of all stripes and groupings to come together for the good of the country, it’s the battle against the novel coronavirus COVID 19. To be effective, it has to be a … Read the rest

Biggest losers from debate: Trump and USA

All Americans can at least agree on one dimension of President Trump’ recent history: he knows how to command center stage. The headlines of late have been all Trump, all day, every day. His debate awfulness, intentionally or not, blew … Read the rest

Will massive tax avoidance hurt Trump in red counties?

Taxes on family owned corporations are complex, so we need to be careful before accusing the president of tax evasion or fraud. But some telling truths have emerged from the revelations uncovered by the New York Times in Donald Trump’s … Read the rest

Trump runs against GOP grain on balloting

The main argument that Republicans used in the impeachment hearings last year was that the decision on whether President Trump should finish his term should be made by voters at the ballot box, not in Congress. It worked to his … Read the rest

Trump in free-fall; Biden can cut to pragmatic solutions on big issues

The Trump campaign is heading for free-fall, the point in the campaign where the worse it gets, the worse it gets. That’s when centrist Republicans and independents start heading for the exits, not wanting to be associated with a candidate … Read the rest

Presidential campaign discourse will be nasty

Get ready for a very ugly presidential campaign, with Wisconsin in the center of the mud wrestling. It will be hard on the soul and the spirit. That came eminently clear over the Memorial Day weekend when President Trump erupted … Read the rest

Sanders DOA in Wisconsin primary; his ideas too

The big Wisconsin showdown between Joe and Bernie in the heart of flyover country that was supposed to take place Tuesday has fizzled like a wet Roman candle. It’s really sad. The primary election here for the Democratic nomination for … Read the rest

Beware of would-leaders with THE ANSWERS

One of the things you learn over a long career in business; beware of the person in company who has all the answers. Promote the thoughtful employee who has insightful questions and engages in a collaborative dialog to get to … Read the rest