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Two non-big shots: ban meetings, org charts


When legendary entrepreneurs like Roy Reiman and Mike Cudahy agree on fundamental principles for running a business, it might be wise to pay attention and follow suit. Both giants in the local start-up scene sold their companies, Reiman Publications and … Read the rest

Revenue fairy gone for health care industry


Hospital corporations have five years – or less – to transform their business models. That was the recent consensus at a confab sponsored by the UW-Milwaukee College of Health Sciences of three of the four heads of major health care … Read the rest

Medicare debate dodges realities

The frantic positioning by the two presidential campaigns over the $716 billion in cuts to Medicare under Obamacare avoid reality on a number of fronts: • First, it’s a ten-year number; only the federal government does ten-year budgets. Most companies … Read the rest

Sandhills, eagles, fishing and fireworks!

Watching two girls fish in downtown West Bend of the Milwaukee River recently, it occurred to me that we have much to celebrate on the environmental front in Wisconsin and the country. Environmentalists will always face new issues to conquer, … Read the rest

Health assessments accelerate reform in work place

Innovations in the privates sector are racing ahead. Taken together, they are adding up to a brand new business model for the delivery of health care in America. Take HRAs, for example, not savings accounts, but Health Risk Assessments. This … Read the rest

Frontier Fund for 401(K) plans? Not yet

It’s probably too early, but in a couple of years 401(k) plans may want to offer a “Frontier Markets” mutual fund option to plan members. Emerging Market mutual funds have been the winners over the last ten years, pulling in … Read the rest

Extend flexibility to all UW campuses

The financial stress on the flagship research universities in the Midwest were encapsulated in the two-hour visit to the Riverside Brewery in West Bend, Wisconsin this month by Biddy Martin, chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Chancellor Martin is facing … Read the rest

Where’s former Gov. Doyle on standoff?

Noticeable by his absence in the Madison uproar is former Gov. Jim Doyle. I haven't seen a single comment from the two-term governor, a longtime friend of the unions. He, of course, knows he is part of the genesis of … Read the rest