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An Empty Grave in Kewaskum

It is inappropriate to single out one veteran on Veteran’s Day, but there is a story of one local veteran whose intriguing story bears retelling. It is the story of Captain Edwin James Fickler, a U.S. Marine jet pilot who … Read the rest

Historic West Bend lights up, builds chops

The momentum is building for making downtown West Bend a very special place where people go for good memories and good times. The Christmas tree lighting Thursday at Old Settlers Park in the heart of downtown drew more than 1000 … Read the rest

Close Ranks Against Weakened Putin

With 535 Americans in the U.S. Congress, you have to concede that there is a small percentage who haven’t read or understood much history on how great evil can descend on the world if power-mad leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini … Read the rest

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