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Update on The Bend: More Sell-out Crowds

It is so much fun to watch a new venture go well, and that has certainly been the case as the community has supported The Bend, a pure startup out of the ashes of the 1929 “movie palace.” My wife … Read the rest

Wisconsin summit needed ASAP on bird flu

The reticence of Gov. Evers and his team, legislators, journalists and University of Wisconsin researchers to transparently engage the rapidly expanding bird flu epidemic is perplexing to say the least. This virus has rapidly infected an astonishingly wide array of … Read the rest

Wisconsin Republicans soft on Putin

Mike Gallagher left Congress Saturday as a traditional Republican after his pivotal vote to support Ukraine against Vladimir Putin. He was a hawk during his eight years in Washington, in contrast to the rest of the Wisconsin GOP delegation that … Read the rest

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When exploding health care costs threatened Serigraph's solvency, CEO John Torinus Jr. searched the country for solutions. Using his findings, Torinus applied innovative, cutting-edge strategies and cut his company's health care expenses well below the national average while improving his employees' care.