Ramthun will mess up GOP primary

Tim Ramthun, a Republican state representative from Campbellsport, is running for governor. He is running on a platform of B.S.

He has promised he would make public to anyone who asked to give evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. I have asked twice for evidence from his own senatorial district. He has produced no such evidence. Not even one defective ballot.

His legislative aide wrote back to me with allegations about the bipartisan Wisconsin Election Commission. I wrote back to him via email: “That’s not what I asked.” I asked for evidence of just one fraudulent ballot.

I am now asking a third time.

Because of his unmitigated B.S., a constant concocted flow, with himself in the spotlight, he has demeaned himself to the point where the Republican Party in Wisconsin has said: “Enough already.” The assembly speaker Robin Vos stripped Ramthun of his one staff person, the same guy who tried to BS me about the “fraudulent election.”

To put the kibosh on the Great Lie about the “stolen election,” Wisconsin is the perfect place to do it. Wisconsin is a manufacturing state where a good percentage of the population understands statistical process controls (SPC). In pursuit of zero defects in manufactured parts, (a reason why you can drive your car 200,000 miles), defect analysis is imbedded in our economy.

Let’s apply that discipline to the 2020 election in Wisconsin. Audits in Dane and Milwaukee Counties showed less than 300 defective ballots. That is a remarkedly low percentage of defects by any SCP benchmark.

In other words, the legion of election workers did a spectacularly good job of running a clean election.

It was the same election that got Ramthun elected, along with Republican majorities in the state senate and assembly. Was his election fraudulent?

Ramthun’s platform would throw out the 10 electoral votes in Wisconsin toward some undefined process. That means that he would want to throw out my ballot and yours. Who does he think he is?

It has now been revealed by the Jan. 6 Congressional investigation that Ramthun and other Trump toadies went so far as to attempt to file fraudulent electoral documents. Who do they think they are? They belong in jail for sedition, and they may well end up there.

The wizard behind the curtain in all of these fabricated machinations is none other than the biggest loser of all time, our 45th president. He think if he claims “stolen election” in a drumbeat over and over, it’s true. In reality, it becomes demented as additional audits and analyses corroborate the outcome. According to Ramthun the defeated former president called Ramthun personally to stimulate his quixotic attempt to undermine our democracies’ most important bedrock, the integrity of our elections.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers must be loving it. The more the Republicans beat each other up in the gubernatorial primary, the more likely Evers is to win the general election in November.

Rebecca Kleefisch, the former Lt. Governor under Scott Walker, will also benefit greatly from Ramthun’s trumped up wrecking ball. She is a Trumper through and through, but has a broader platform of issues and proposals. She is scripted to the max, but she is experienced.

The one benefit that will derive from Ramthun’s candidacy is that we will get a fix via the primary of the actual number of rabid Trump supporters in Wisconsin. It will probably be a significant chunk of the primary voters, but far from the majority in the general election.

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