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A requiem for UWM-WC; a look forward

The last class of students has been taking its final exams at the West Bend campus of the University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee at Washington County. The West Bend Theatre Company staged its last play at its Theatre on the … Read the rest

Chump change offered for closed UW colleges

As one example of political leaders in Wisconsin nibbling around the edges of major public policy challenges, the university president, the legislative leaders and the governor threw some chump change at the communities that have hosted two-year UW colleges for … Read the rest

4th UW college folds, despite obvious solution

And then there were nine. Of the original 13 UW two-year colleges that have been around for a half century or more, nine are still operating despite sharp enrollment declines. But four have bitten the dust, or are about to. … Read the rest

Future use of vacated UWM-WC

Come July, the campus of the former University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee at Washington County will be empty. In the face of declining enrollments, Jay Rothman, president of the Universities of Wisconsin, made an abrupt decision to shut down the … Read the rest

Smart organizations make DEI organic

Our society has been looking at DEI (diversity, equity, inclusiveness) from a top-down perspective. That’s where wonks, bureaucrats, academicians, and politician’s live. Instead, how about a ground-level look at DEI? Employers are desperate to find workers with good attitudes and … Read the rest

Moraine College concept dies

Let’s deal with reality. The concept of a “Moraine Community College” that was endorsed 19-2 by the Washington County Board of Supervisors is dead. So is the possibility of saving the campus of the University of Wisconsin at Washington County. … Read the rest

More reform in works for local colleges

One of my friends who loves policy analysis likes to say, “Statistics are stubborn things.” So are long-term trends. Despite some recent upward blips, the stubborn numbers on enrollment at the two-year colleges in Washington County are points in case. … Read the rest

Mone Work Group comes up short

If you were looking for solutions to the challenges facing the 12 two-year UW colleges across the state, the “Work Group” created by UWM Chancellor Mark Mone to save the UW campus in Washington County is not the place to … Read the rest

Rising Phoenix jump starts degrees

Wisconsin educrats and community leaders involved in higher education have been working hard to come up with solutions to the declining college enrollments that undermine their operations and threaten their existence. With the exception of a task force in Washington … Read the rest

Governor: your two-year colleges veto changed nothing

One of Governor Ever’s line-item vetoes in the new state budget eroded six months of hard work by a Washington County Task Force to come up with a pragmatic solution to the troubles facing its two-year colleges. Note: his veto … Read the rest