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Tariffs didn’t work; what’s next for next president?

Remember the trade wars of the first years of the Trump Administration? Foreign countries, particularly China, were stealing American jobs, and Donald Trump, the presidential candidate in 2016 who knew how to cut deals, promised tough actions to reduce our … Read the rest

Fake news: we have trade SURPLUS with Canada

Here is some more fake news about our escalating trade war with a host of other countries, including our best allies. Way down deep in this week’s articles on the growing list of tariffs and counter-tariffs was the fake news … Read the rest

Tariff backlash, immigration cuts hurt Wisconsin economy

With friends like Donald Trump, the Wisconsin economy needs no enemies. The retaliation by foreign governments to his sledge-hammer tactics in raising tariffs on incoming products, so far mainly on steel and aluminum imports, is already having a boomerang blowback … Read the rest