Walker reconstituted D.C. office

In response to my recent blog posting on the Wisconsin’s poor track record in attracting federal dollars, Gov. Walker’s office corrected me on the status of the office.

Here’s what his spokesman wrote:

“The Governor did reconstitute the State of Wisconsin’s Washington DC Office in January 2011. Since the reopening, our DC Director – Wendy Riemann, has been integrally involved in a number of priorities for the state. From the passage of historic legislation to build the St. Croix Bridge, to the recent transportation bill maintaining WI’s share of federal transportation dollars, she has continued to successfully advocate on behalf of the state.

“However, there is always more to do and we would be open to any additional ideas. Let me know.”

Eric A. Schutt
Chief of Staff
Office of the Governor

Good to know. The 2010 economic strategy for the state recommended a large office in the Capitol. Schutt said the office now consists of a director, a deputy (a position that is being filled) and an assistant.

The office has received little press, but it’s good for business and other interests to know there is a helping hand there when it comes to federal programs. Riemann is a former staffer for Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner.

If anyone has ideas on where we could land more federal dollars, write back.

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