Hospice Now Free at Serigraph

Free Hospice for Serigraph Members –

Recent national studies have shown that most people do not want to spend their final days in a hospital.  They prefer to die at home or in a hospice.  Further, it is a much more prudent way to go in financial terms. The last weeks of life can drain family finances, especially if the hospital stay is a long one. Hospitals often charge as much as $5000 per day.  Hospices, in contrast, offer intimate vs. institutional care, and they charge less than one-tenth of the hospital prices. It was, therefore, a no brainer for Serigraph to give people what they want and to encourage them to use a hospice when appropriate. So, the company will now make the facility charges for hospice free. Other charges while there, such as chemotherapy, will Recent

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be covered under our regular plan. The free service will also apply to hospice nurse charges when the care is delivered in a patient’s home.  Serigraph, like most employers, splits its health costs with employees on about a 75-25% basis. Thus, savings from hospice vs. hospital charges flow to the patient and his/her family, to the company and to its co-workers.

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