Who is the real RINO? Not Vos

Will the bogus controversy over the validity of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin ever go away?

Despite audits, recounts and losing court challenges, supporters of Donald Trump persist in their claims that the former president really won the state’s electoral votes. This has resulted in a cultish regurgitation in Racine County to force a recall election of Robin Vos, who has been speaker of the state Assembly for ten years. In that position, Vos has taken many hard lines on public policy and fiscal management.

He once joked with me that no speaker would ever be elected governor because of the buildup of scar tissue that goes with the job.

The MAGA Republicans, who have largely silenced the voices of Reagan Republicans, will never believe that the 2020 vote wasn’t “rigged” (Trump’s word) against their hero. No factual, rational argument will dent their position.

Vos resisted the MAGA attempt to decertify President Biden’s victory by 20,682 votes and has refused to support a recall of the Wisconsin elections commissioner. That, despite his long leadership, has put him on their hit list. A previous recall against him failed, but narrowly.

Whatever Trumpy attacks are brought against Vos, he as a long track record as a bona fide conservative leader. He has been tough on spending and tax increases, with the result that the state has a surplus of as much as $7 billion.

He has recently opposed liberal initiatives to promote bureaucratic programs that seek to increase diversity, equity and inclusiveness (DEI) within the Universities of Wisconsin.

He has shown of late a willingness to reach compromises with Gov. Evers on several rounds of tax cuts as a use of the state’s surplus. He cut a tough deal with Democratic UW leaders to build a new $360 million engineering building on the Madison campus and faculty and staff pay raises in return for DEI realignment.

Vos is an entrepreneur, the people who reinvent and reinvigorate our whole economy. He started in the popcorn supply business and has grown it into a medium-sized distribution company with a new facility. He has personally created jobs.

He, therefore, thoroughly understands broad strategies and legislation that transforms Wisconsin into a state that is a sweet home for high-growth startups.

Is he right on all issues? Absolutely not. His Joint Finance Committee is out of step with state voters, most of whom are conservationists to the max.

His GOP-controlled house has failed to deal with the collapse of the two-year UW Colleges and the declining enrollment at the technical colleges. They obviously need to be combined into “community colleges,” where young people and adults can get an affordable start on technical and professional careers.

Why hasn’t Vos led a broad initiative to get killer health care costs under control?

He isn’t perfect. But he has generally performed well as a traditional Republican, an elected official who believes in good, responsible government.

It’s the MAGA cultists who are the real RINOs – Republicans In Name Only. The Trumpists don’t have a real conservative agenda. Former President Trump ran up the biggest deficits in our history. That’s Republican?

Flash back to the election fraud hoax. Tim Ramthun ran for governor on that issue and got smoked. I asked him a half dozen times to show me one bad ballot. He never did.

I ask Mathew Snorek of Burlington, the recall organizer, to do the same. Send me one bad 2020 ballot.

Long and short, I trust our neighbors who serve as election officials.

Long and short again, the current recall against Vos is just as bogus as the “rigged election” claims of 2021.

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