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No melodrama of Trump behind bars

Beyond the predictable party script from Democrats that justice worked and Republicans that it was Third World injustice, here are a couple observations from afar on the jury trial that stamped the word “felon” on Donald Trump last week. A … Read the rest

Assessment of Trump mind: psychopathic

Like many Americans, I have been struggling for years to understand the make-up of Donald Trump. A good number of my friends, including some mental health professionals, have advised me not to label him as “insane,” because it's not a … Read the rest

10 Questions About Trump

As voters think deeply about whether to vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States Nov. 5, just seven months from now, allow me to ask a few questions relevant to what kind of person he is down … Read the rest

State remapping deal promises more bi-partisanship

At least at the state level, there are encouraging early signs of bipartisanship that has been missing for the better part of two decades. It has something to do, me thinks, with the Supreme Court-ordered rearrangement of the Wisconsin legislative … Read the rest

Tired of Trumpian losses, Gallagher leaves House

Thank you for your service, Mike Gallagher. In the aftermath of his recent decision not to run for a fifth term, critics on the far right of the Trump-infested Republican Party won’t mouth those gracious words, the words that many … Read the rest

West Bend school election looms large

It’s only two months until the April 2 elections for two positions on the West Bend School District Board, and it looks to be another pivotal contest. The contest pits two well-known candidates against two lesser-known candidates. In the experienced … Read the rest

Is Trump going the way of Reagan?

This is a preface. Way back in another political era, I was invited in 1987 to a President Reagan press conference for eight regional economic writers. Reagan stepped the podium in the Executive Office Building near the White House and … Read the rest

Liz: you must run as an independent

Liz Cheney, one of the few Republican leaders and ex-leaders with a stiff back, is dedicated to the proposition that Donald Trump never serves another term. In a recent interview with Charlie Sykes, a national political analyst with Wisconsin roots, … Read the rest

A long shot: Nikki Haley in Wisconsin

With Donald Trump enjoying huge leads in polling of Republican voters, will Wisconsin voters have a chance to make a difference in who the party’s presidential nominee will be? Nikki Haley is a long shot, but the political pundits are … Read the rest

Trump: Mental lapses add up; funny numbers don’t

Reason 3 to Nix Trump: More Mental Lapses. He is getting dotty. He will be 78 on election day, the average life expectancy for an American male, but humans age at very different paces. According to Forbes, he has mixed … Read the rest