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Russia now on defensive in Ukraine

Unique in an era of volatile international politics, the unswerving leadership and commitment of the Biden Administration, the U.S. Congress and our Western allies have put Russia on the defensive in Ukraine. The war is far from over as Putin’s … Read the rest

American HIMARS changing outlook for Ukrainian war

Seventy per cent of Russian attacks on Ukraine are now reported to be against civilian targets – apartment buildings, schools, universities, medical facilities, neighborhoods and shopping centers. Of late, the Russian’s shellings and missile strikes have landed in many parts … Read the rest

GOP shaky on Ukraine; Wisconsin delegation hangs tough

It is not often in life that Americans are presented with a black and white choice between good and unmitigated evil, between war and peace. Such is the weight of the strategic decision to stand with heroic Ukrainians and their … Read the rest

Ukraine, NATO cannot let Putin win

The sinking of the flagship cruiser Moskva, the pride of the Russian navy, could prove to be a turning point, not only in the showdown in Ukraine between one insane autocrat and an entire citizenry of liberty-loving people, but also … Read the rest

Putin Revealed

One not so obvious advantage from Putin’s serial murders in Ukraine: With the possible exception of the Trump wing of what used to be the Grand Old Party, Americans now know exactly what Vladimir is all about and where we … Read the rest

Glory-seeking Putin must be defeated

I am so gut-level angry at Vladimir Putin and his enabling Russian hierarchy (not the Russian people in general) that I have a hard time thinking straight. We are dealing with a despot who doesn’t care if he goes down … Read the rest