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How about Medicare Advantage for All?

The current GOP attempts to reconstitute ACA will probably crash and burn in Congress this week. In the aftermath, fresh ideas need to be brought to bear to break the impasse. Fortunately, there are three effective platforms that work that … Read the rest

Incredible: Milwaukee holds health costs flat for 5 years

With the jury still out on the effectiveness of Obamacare, it is stunning to see alternative reforms racing ahead in the world of self-insured payers. Those reforms – I call them real reforms – have been so successful in the … Read the rest

Rep. Ryan: bring home U.S. dollars; build roads


As Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and his fellow budgeteers in Congress try to rustle up funds for road construction, they could be looking at a windfall in taxes on $2 trillion parked overseas by U.S. corporations. The plain truth is … Read the rest

Night and Day, Mostly, on Wisconsin Finances

It’s far from a perfect picture of financial health, but, despite some recent slippage, Wisconsin’s fiscal position and business climate have made a night-to-day turn-around since Gov. Scott Walker and the GOP took over the reins of state government in … Read the rest