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Sen. Feyen: Issues to tackle

Welcome to West Bend, State Senator Dan Feyen (pictured below). And thanks to the opportunity to respond to your survey about the highest needs for public policy in Wisconsin. My response is below. You replaced Duey Strobel as the senator … Read the rest

Repeat history: create health care ‘PSC’

In the absence of legislative or executive oversight and governance of the over-priced healthcare systems in Wisconsin, the concept of treating medical corporations as utilities becomes ever more necessary. Consolidations and mergers have made most Wisconsinites subject to oligopolies, duopolies … Read the rest

Health care needs PSC regulation

It has become perfectly obvious in Wisconsin and the country that not much has worked to bring down the soaring health care prices that are bankrupting families and damaging the financial health of small and medium companies. An increasing number … Read the rest

Price controls next for Wisconsin hospitals?

Is the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) in Wisconsin headed for price controls? Ford Koles, a leading health care economist and guru for the Advisory Board, told Wisconsin self-insured companies last week in Madison that he thinks it could happen. And … Read the rest

Felzkowski leads on health care pricing

How to keep score on how Wisconsin is doing on health care for its citizens? It’s a tough question. And it’s a preeminent question. It deals with all-important family health and with family prosperity, since health and wealth run together. … Read the rest

Will the latest hospital merger help consumers?

Will patients/consumers of Froedtert Health and ThedaCare be better off after the just announced merger of the two Wisconsin health systems? Will Wisconsin Attorney General Joshua Kaul exercise any of his authorized oversight of the merger for the benefit of … Read the rest

Obvious building blocks for U.S. health care

Neither the Republican nor Democratic parties at the state or federal level brought up health costs and quality as an issue in November mid-term elections, even though it is probably the second biggest economic issue facing citizens and businesses, behind … Read the rest

Put a stop to hospital merger mania

Merger mania for Wisconsin hospital corporations came to a crescendo last week without even a sniff of interest from the state’s regulators. The merger of Bellin Health of Green Bay and Gunderson Health of La Crosse was finalized last week, … Read the rest

Why are we ducking ugly health costs?

How about a little quiz on one of the nation’s biggest issues that got almost no attention in the state and national midterm elections? Quiz Question 1: What’s the second largest economic challenge facing the country? Roaring inflation is on … Read the rest

Where’s Kaul on Health Cost Battle?

If ever an industry needed fundamental disruption, it’s the health care industry in America. I’m not talking about the pure medical side of the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC), which can be wonderful to the point of miraculous. I’m talking about … Read the rest