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Our GOP congressmen need to be centrists

How far the Republicans have gone off a sensible track became clear last week when all six Republican congressmen from Wisconsin voted to make Rep. James Jordan of Ohio the Speaker of the House. Jordan was one the principal ringleaders … Read the rest

Parties Owe Us Alternatives to Trump, Biden

What’s the antidote to two old geezers refusing to step aside for fresh energy and ideas in the Oval Office? The two political parties are supposed to forward candidates for the U.S. presidency that elicit enthusiasm and respect for how … Read the rest

For Putin: Not winning is losing

Putin is Losing The concept that Vladimir Putin is losing his Ukrainian war because he is not winning may seem contrived. But it’s reality. As an article in Foreign Affairs pointed out, it was Putin who set out his grand … Read the rest

Heartland questions for GOP wannabe debate

Wouldn’t it be a gas to be one of the journalists for the upcoming GOP presidential primary debate Wednesday in Milwaukee? I had the fun of doing that once way back when Tommy Thompson and Tony Earl were debating on … Read the rest

Tax cuts: beyond political to strategic

There are almost an infinite number of ways to use the remaining $4 billion state surplus. Gridlock between Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Republican legislative leaders, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority leader Kevin LeMahieu, has stymied constructive uses … Read the rest

If convicted, don’t put Trump in jail

A few thoughts on our squirrely political world: With boxes of classified documents stored in one of his bathrooms as part of the evidence against him, former President Donald Trump looks guilty as hell. If found guilty, and it appears … Read the rest

McCarthy faces monkeys running the zoo

Newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Saturday got it backwards when he thanked former President Donald Trump for helping win the speakership. Here is his quote: “I do want to especially thank President Trump. I don’t think anybody should doubt … Read the rest

Forward Wisconsin: Not just tax cuts in 2023

It’s music to the ears of a broad swath of Wisconsin voters that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Gov. Tony Evers, Republican and Democratic leaders of our state, are saying they are ready to reach pragmatic compromises in the New … Read the rest

How to Quiet the Hyper-Partisan Divide

We have learned the hard way that directly confronting an extremist on either side of the political spectrum only serves to harden positions. An insult such as labeling a Trump follower a fascist of some proportion just triggers a more … Read the rest

What if Trump made it to the Hill?

What if then President Donald Trump had bullied his secret service detail into taking him up to Capitol Hill to join and probably lead the assault on the American electoral process? What if he had jumped out of “The Beast,” … Read the rest