10 Questions About Trump

As voters think deeply about whether to vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States Nov. 5, just seven months from now, allow me to ask a few questions relevant to what kind of person he is down deep:

  • Would you want him to marry your sister or daughter? (Where is Melania these days?)
  • Would you want to work directly for him? (Most of his direct reports are under the bus, either fired or resigned in frustration, or headed to prison.)
  • Would you invest in a company he controls? (Six Trump companies went insolvent.)
  • Would you want to share a foxhole with him during battle? (Dodged the draft four times; called KIA Marines “suckers” and “losers.”)
  • Would you want him for a trusted friend? (He has no close friends.)
  • Would you want him to be your caretaker in a time of personal need? (He cares about one person.)
  • Would you want him as a mentor or teacher? (He doesn’t read.)
  • Would you want him as a relative at your family Thanksgiving meal? (He has no close relationships.)
  • Would you ask for his prayers? (Not a church-goer.)
  • Would you want him as executor of your estate?

If you can’t answer “yes” to most of these questions, why would you vote for this man as President of the United States?

The same questions can be asked of Joe Biden.  For better or worse, he is close to his wife and relatives and has many friends.

Yes, he is too old for the POTUS job.  But so is Trump.  That’s a wash for the two old codgers. Both are showing some memory issues.  (Me, too.) So the above questions should be the deciding factors.

In short, is the candidate a reliable, trustworthy, caring human being?

Let the answers to the above questions be your guide.

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