Despite divisions, red, white and blue runs deep

Most Americans are basking in the afterglow of what is perhaps the best holiday in this country, the Fourth of July. It was a wonderful All-American day. The one-day pause in our daily routines brings Americans and their families together as no other holiday does.

For at least a brief period in time, we Americans are more together than apart, more unified in our beliefs about the founding principles of this country and more ready to make it a better place going forward.

There is little argument that the Trump brand of politics did more to divide Americans than unite. And there are many issues on which Americans remain divided on July 5th as they were on July 3rd.

Despite the differences, however, most Americans feel that they are lucky to be citizens of this creative, innovative and powerful country. We know that we are a flawed nation, but we also believe that we can mend the wounds, solve the present-day problems and collectively contribute mightily to the prosperity and health of the world.

There are many factions of Americans who want to right a particular set of wrongs and have set out to cure what ails us. That is the beauty of this country. There are many avenues, tools and resources to pull us all together to workable solutions.

Aggrieved citizens can:

  • Go to the media to make their case.
  • Go to the courts to seek redress for justice and satisfaction.
  • Go to the legislatures for new laws.
  • Vote in reliable elections.
  • Join countless organizations, societies, churches to organize collective efforts for improvement.

There are so many opportunities for positive renovation of our society, our polity, and our economy. Consider just some of the major reforms and initiatives that are now underway in the United States.

Our president has committed to spreading US vaccines across the globe.

Our legislatures have initiated tax reform that would raise the taxes on the super-rich to help people in limited circumstances.

We are strengthening our already generous safety nets.

We have learned to not get entangled in civil wars in foreign lands, except where genocide is running amok.

We have come to a more enlightened understanding of the value of our natural resources and are much more careful about exploitation.

We have become exquisitely sensitive about fixing equity issues based on gender, color, and other segmentations.

Those are just a sample of our progress. The Fourth of July brings us back to what we love about this place.

With the confidence that we can make our divisions and problems go away with time, clear thinking and hard work, we dive heartily into a red, white and blue Fourth of July.

Citizens of all stripes ran down-home parades loaded with good will. As one friend said, we see and hear volunteer fire departments, restored old cars, horses, dogs, national guard vehicles, politicians seeking reelection, kids racing for thrown candies, bands, dance teams, scouts, cheerleaders, Little League teams, and floats promoting local businesses.

They are a grand mishmash of American life.

Underneath it all is a belief that the founding principles of this nation are still valid. Let’s hope the factions who think otherwise can be convinced to seek common ground and join the parades, or be marginalized.

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