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The right model: Togetherness on the Fourth

Newly renovated and greenified downtown West Bend was in its finest form Thursday for the city’s All-American 4th of July parade. It was small-town unity at its best. It was all smiles and kids running for thrown candies all along … Read the rest

What would our fallen veterans say to us? Contribute, be united, be tough.

How could a Memorial Day parade and service be carried off any better than last Monday’s in downtown West Bend? It was a sunny, breezy day, perfect to remember and model ourselves after local heroes, to say thanks to our … Read the rest

Despite divisions, red, white and blue runs deep

Most Americans are basking in the afterglow of what is perhaps the best holiday in this country, the Fourth of July. It was a wonderful All-American day. The one-day pause in our daily routines brings Americans and their families together … Read the rest