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Post Biden, elder Trump faces tougher fight

(I wrote this column a day before President Joe Biden announced he is stepping aside as a candidate for a second term and endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris.) As someone who is turning 87 this month, I know close up … Read the rest

Look inside for next UWM, WTCS leaders

Most seasoned board chairpersons would tell you that they prefer to promote for top jobs from the inside. Hiring CEOs or presidents from the outside is always a bit of a crap shoot, not matter how much vetting is done. … Read the rest

U.S. theatre managers wowed by city, The Bend

The Bend Theater is helping put West Bend on the map. Not that our lovely city needs a lot of help, but the broad and deep support from across the community is paying off. Two gigantic, shiny, black buses pulled … Read the rest

The right model: Togetherness on the Fourth

Newly renovated and greenified downtown West Bend was in its finest form Thursday for the city’s All-American 4th of July parade. It was small-town unity at its best. It was all smiles and kids running for thrown candies all along … Read the rest

What would Teddy do? bust hospital trusts

“Corporations engaged in interstate commerce should be regulated if they are found to exercise a license working to the public injury.” President Theodore Roosevelt. (He filed anti-trust actions against 44 corporations while in office.) Flash forward 120 years. Today, we … Read the rest

Strategic ray of light on UW reform

There hasn’t been a grand strategic look at the University of Wisconsin since the Ice Age, actually since 1971, more than 50 years ago. So it is welcome news that the legislature has created the Legislative Council Study Committee on … Read the rest

Neighbors show how to save our parks

Mike McFadzen, master cross county skier extraordinaire, has spent two decades advocating for Wisconsin trails and state parks. Here’s a  recent call-to-action he wrote: The Ugly Underbelly of the Wisconsin State Park System Wisconsin boasts abundant public waters and lands … Read the rest

Trump’s Milwaukee comment: horribly insulting

Did he say it or didn’t he? Did Donald Trump say last week that Milwaukee is a “horrible city” or didn’t he? Trump walked back what he did or didn’t say in an interview with “The Hill,” regarded as a … Read the rest

Follow Tommy: Get proactive on bird flu

Tom Hefty, who once ran Blue Cross in Wisconsin and continues to care as much about overall public health as anyone in the state, follows the news on bird flu across the country closely. Here is his latest update to … Read the rest

No melodrama of Trump behind bars

Beyond the predictable party script from Democrats that justice worked and Republicans that it was Third World injustice, here are a couple observations from afar on the jury trial that stamped the word “felon” on Donald Trump last week. A … Read the rest