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Anti-vaxxers fail in their civic responsibility

Even though many Wisconsinites are behaving as though the COVID threat is over, we are still not out of the woods, and that is complicating decisions about how to behave. Friday night fish fries are jammed with patrons not wearing … Read the rest

50 years of restoration transforms West Bend

When city planners and consultants did big thinking about the central part of West Bend 50 years ago, they all agreed that the Milwaukee River was potentially the city’s most attractive asset. The river was a draw because it was … Read the rest

Chief Justice Annette Ziegler worked her way up.

Put aside the partisan politics of the day, and let’s celebrate here in Washington County the selection of one of our favorite citizens as Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Annette Ziegler has paid her dues with 24 years … Read the rest

Can we keep the Great Lakes great?

Last Friday at UW-Whitewater the Joint Finance Committee heard a pitch for about $10 million in the budget for the University of Wisconsin System over the next two years to create a fresh water collaborative across all 13 UW campuses. … Read the rest

State, local budgets a mystery for all

Three extraordinary factors are muddying the waters for budget-making at all levels of government in Wisconsin. Citizens don’t have a clue of how they will be affected. The first unknown is how state and local leaders will use the gobs … Read the rest

Evers has Chance to Stimulate Startups

The Evers administration is in a position to provide massive help to the businesses in Wisconsin that have been set back by the COVID epidemic. The governor will have $3.2 billion in new dollars from the American Rescue Plan passed … Read the rest

Underfunded UWM steps up on pressing issues

In rare show of bipartisan leadership, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, and four-term Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson, now the interim president of the University of Wisconsin System, met at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to highlight a new vaccination center … Read the rest

Job Seekers Coveted by Employers

Now is the best of times for people in Wisconsin who are looking for good-paying manufacturing jobs. Employers are going to great lengths to attract, retain and become closely bonded to new workers. Some in the Washington County area are … Read the rest

UW Can Correct Major Inequitable Funding Gap

It’s well accepted political science that if you want to know where the action is, follow the money. Put another way, “talk is talk, but money walks.” Such is the case surrounding the state’s biggest current issue: racial justice. Almost … Read the rest

Amidst double-barreled crisis, give Tommy an extension

When Tommy Thompson was named interim president of the University of Wisconsin System eight months ago, there were a lot of people who guessed that he would prove to be such a good fit that his tenure would prove longer … Read the rest