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Allied support could push Putin to exit

It is reassuring that the Wisconsin congressional delegation and Congress in general has stayed in a bipartisan mode when it comes to defying Russia in defense of the Ukrainian democracy. Republicans and Democrats don’t agree much anymore on big ticket … Read the rest

Republicans run for cover on abortion

Wisconsin politicians are scrambling to catch up to the massive change in public opinion on the issue of abortion. The most recent Marquette Law School Poll found 90% of people polled in the state now favor allowing women to have … Read the rest

How to Quiet the Hyper-Partisan Divide

We have learned the hard way that directly confronting an extremist on either side of the political spectrum only serves to harden positions. An insult such as labeling a Trump follower a fascist of some proportion just triggers a more … Read the rest

Kohler led new era of labor relations

Herb Kohler, who died Saturday, was a man of many dimensions, a genius businessman who grew his companies revenues to $6 billion, an environmentalist, a supporter of the arts, a demanding boss with his executives whom he called at all … Read the rest

Will Evers, Michels tackle strategic issues?

Issues took a back seat to party or tribal loyalty in the August 9 Wisconsin primary. Gov. Tony Evers ran uncontested on the Democratic ticket, so he didn’t need to run hard on his platforms. All three GOP candidates cozied … Read the rest

GOP aside, Bluff, Riverwalk projects in the end zone

With zero help from area Republicans, but major support from Gov. Tony Evers, two game-changing urban conservation projects, one in Ozaukee County and one in Washington County, are moving to successful outcomes. In both cases Democratic Gov. Evers remedied a … Read the rest

Loser Cheney will be Trump’s Nightmare

Donald Trump may come to wish Liz Cheney had held her seat in the house, stayed in Wyoming and the House and not gone national. She will be more effective in her avowed opposition to his return to the Oval … Read the rest

Distrust elections? Come see for yourself

Bruce Reynolds, a friend, retired professor of economics and volunteer poll worker in West Bend, debunks the alleged “vulnerability” of mail-in ballots. His report below appeared in the Washington County Daily News. To the Editors: In your Aug. 16, 2022 … Read the rest

Russia now on defensive in Ukraine

Unique in an era of volatile international politics, the unswerving leadership and commitment of the Biden Administration, the U.S. Congress and our Western allies have put Russia on the defensive in Ukraine. The war is far from over as Putin’s … Read the rest

Watch Michels distance himself from Trump

Keep your eyes and ears peeled to watch as Tim Michels, the winner of the GOP primary for governor in Wisconsin, distances himself from one-term former president Donald Trump in the general election against incumbent Gov. Tony Evers. Michels won … Read the rest