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Sen. Feyen: Issues to tackle

Welcome to West Bend, State Senator Dan Feyen (pictured below). And thanks to the opportunity to respond to your survey about the highest needs for public policy in Wisconsin. My response is below. You replaced Duey Strobel as the senator … Read the rest

Chump change offered for closed UW colleges

As one example of political leaders in Wisconsin nibbling around the edges of major public policy challenges, the university president, the legislative leaders and the governor threw some chump change at the communities that have hosted two-year UW colleges for … Read the rest

10 Questions About Trump

As voters think deeply about whether to vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States Nov. 5, just seven months from now, allow me to ask a few questions relevant to what kind of person he is down … Read the rest

CEOs: You can restore the good name of capitalism

Why do executives in big public corporations keep crapping the nest by taking exorbitant packages that run as much as 70 times that of the average pay of their workers. The gap between executives and employees has shrunk a tad … Read the rest

Time is now for table stakes warfare against Putin

Do the dumbos on the extremist right wing of the Republican Party not know that Vladimir Putin cannot win a table-stakes poker game in Ukraine if they put on their big-boy boots? The collective economies of the 32 NATO nations … Read the rest

Who is the real RINO? Not Vos

Will the bogus controversy over the validity of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin ever go away? Despite audits, recounts and losing court challenges, supporters of Donald Trump persist in their claims that the former president really won the state’s … Read the rest

Ice Age Trail: Progress, long way to go

The Ice Age Trail, now 66 years old, has come a long, long way, but it still has a long way to go. At latest count, 698 miles of the 1,200-mile trail has been developed into more than 100 permanent … Read the rest

Override Tiffany caucus on budget, Ukraine

You would think that in a democracy majorities rule. You would be wrong. A relatively small band of right-wing Republicans in the House of Representatives is defying a big majority in both houses of Congress. The major issues of the … Read the rest

State remapping deal promises more bi-partisanship

At least at the state level, there are encouraging early signs of bipartisanship that has been missing for the better part of two decades. It has something to do, me thinks, with the Supreme Court-ordered rearrangement of the Wisconsin legislative … Read the rest

Tired of Trumpian losses, Gallagher leaves House

Thank you for your service, Mike Gallagher. In the aftermath of his recent decision not to run for a fifth term, critics on the far right of the Trump-infested Republican Party won’t mouth those gracious words, the words that many … Read the rest