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Wisconsin Republicans soft on Putin

Mike Gallagher left Congress Saturday as a traditional Republican after his pivotal vote to support Ukraine against Vladimir Putin. He was a hawk during his eight years in Washington, in contrast to the rest of the Wisconsin GOP delegation that … Read the rest

Time is now for table stakes warfare against Putin

Do the dumbos on the extremist right wing of the Republican Party not know that Vladimir Putin cannot win a table-stakes poker game in Ukraine if they put on their big-boy boots? The collective economies of the 32 NATO nations … Read the rest

Override Tiffany caucus on budget, Ukraine

You would think that in a democracy majorities rule. You would be wrong. A relatively small band of right-wing Republicans in the House of Representatives is defying a big majority in both houses of Congress. The major issues of the … Read the rest

Escape checkmate on border control, Ukraine

Where, oh, where is the Republican Party of Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, historic U.S. hawks? How did it become the party of Charles Lindbergh, the notorious isolationist of the 1930s? Lindbergh campaigned vigorously against foreign entanglements right up until … Read the rest

GOP needs stiffer back on Ukraine

How to make the case to right wing Republicans that the United States must stay the course in Ukraine. Formerly hawkish Republicans, the isolationists in the GOP are now ready to hand that existentially challenged country to Vladimir Putin. That … Read the rest

GOP right wants to appease Putin, expose NATO

Let’s get something straight.  When the extremist Republicans, including Rep. Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin (pictured below), push to cut off military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, they become allies of Vladimir Putin. They may not see it that way, but … Read the rest

For Putin: Not winning is losing

Putin is Losing The concept that Vladimir Putin is losing his Ukrainian war because he is not winning may seem contrived. But it’s reality. As an article in Foreign Affairs pointed out, it was Putin who set out his grand … Read the rest

Keep foot on Putin’s neck

I went to bed on the eve of the 4th of July with fireworks still thumping away in the neighborhood and bright bursts of light dancing through our bedroom windows, but was having a hard time getting to sleep with … Read the rest

Ukrainians remind us what Memorial Day means

Thoughts after Memorial Day: An estimated 700,000 American men and women gave the infinite gift of their lives to our democracy in the dozen wars and conflicts since the Revolutionary War. That’s such a big number that is hard to … Read the rest

Ukraine’s Crunch Time

It’s crunch time in Ukraine’s defense of its sovereign lands from a vicious assault by Russia. If ever there were a case for a united defense of an ally, Ukraine’s valiant fight against the criminal Russian aggressors is it. Russian … Read the rest